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Organization: WV Department of Health and Human Resources, Office of Management Information Services
Title: GIS Database Administrator 1
Location: Charleston, WV USA
Application Deadline: 2017-03-01
Posted: 2016-12-29

Position Description:


Job Description
Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) / Management Information Services, Kanawha County - This position is essential to provide necessary support in the implementation of the West Virginia Senate Bill 373. The functions of this position are to support the enhancement of data systems within the Office of Environmental Health Services (OEHS) to share data efficiently and effectively between source water partners and interested parties to aid in protecting the state's public drinking water. This position is responsible to perform database system development, implementation, and maintenance of OEHS enterprise databases housed in both Microsoft SQL server and Oracle environments, as well as managing the OEHS Esri ArcSDE geodatabase ensuring that all data sharing application requirements are integrated correctly and securely to database resources. This position will maintain, update, and develop database and web applications C#, ASP.net, python. The position will also be responsible for maintaining and converting various Microsoft Access database applications into the enterprise environments. The position will also have the responsibility of assisting in the electronic data interchange (EDI) for OEHS through the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Environmental Information Exchange Network (EN), as well as other EDIs as they come online. This position will also assist the GIS manager in developing data sharing standards, spatial metadata policy and implementing other GIS projects and applications. In addition, the position will attend conferences and meetings with state, federal and program partners to ensure that all data sharing is meeting the expectations and standards of all partner programs. Other duties as assigned. (MIS170102)
TRAINING: Bachelor's degree, including six semester hours in computer science or GIS from a regionally accredited college or university. Preference may be given to those with a degree in computer science, geology, geography, natural or earth sciences, forestry, planning, engineering, engineering technology, mathematics, or related field.

Pay Range 44,244.00 - $81,852.00

if you have questions you can contact Lisa King with GIS job posting in the subject line
Lisa.A.King at wv dot gov