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Position Detail

Organization: The Sanborn Map Company, Inc.
Title: Geospatial Data Management Specialist
Location: Lakewood, CO
Application Deadline:
Posted: 2017-02-06

Position Description:

The Sanborn Map Company is looking to fill a GEOSPATIAL DATA MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST position onsite in Lakewood, CO.

Join Sanborn’s award-winning team! Sanborn is looking for a GEOSPATIAL DATA MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST who will provide specific data management technical skills and expertise to support an Assessment, Inventory, and Monitoring (AIM) program.

The AIM Strategy provides high-quality information about ecosystem conditions and trends for decision making. This monitoring data is essential for a government agency to fulfill its multiple-use mission and sustain the diverse uses and benefits of public lands. The monitoring portion of the AIM Strategy is being implemented across the agency, thus addressing multiple resource questions at multiple scales. The AIM approach to monitoring features five elements: (1) a standard set of core quantitative indicators and methods, enabling easy comparison of measurements in different places and over time; (2) a defensible and statistically valid way of selecting monitoring plots that informs land management at multiple scales; (3) integration with remote sensing, providing a bird’s-eye view of conditions across the landscape; (4) electronic data capture and management, streamlining information access and application to decisions; and (5) a structured implementation process built on management questions and an understanding of ecosystems. To date, a number of demonstration projects have applied the AIM approach from Arizona to Alaska. These projects focus on a variety of management issues, from aquatic ecosystem health to wild horses and burros. They also address a variety of scales, from local to national. Information derived from AIM-Monitoring is collected once but can be used many times to guide land uses, policy actions, and adaptive management decisions.

Possibility of Travel - 4 trips a year ranging from a few days to a week.

Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university in a directly related field (geography, biological sciences, agriculture, natural resource management another related field, or equivalent)

Master’s Degree is preferable.

You MUST possess the following skills and abilities. Please demonstrate the capacity to fulfill the following required skills:
•Demonstrate expertise of greater than 4 years with of ESRI’s suite of desktop GIS software primarily focused on ArcGIS Desktop and extensions.
•Demonstrate professional experience of greater than 2 years working in a multi-user, enterprise Geodatabase environment using ESRI’s ArcSDE software connected to an enterprise instance of SQL Server.
•Demonstrate working understanding of publishing geospatial data using ArcGIS Server. Candidate should highlight in narrative their understanding of the utility and limitations of publishing data through ArcGIS Server. Preference will be given to candidates that understand MXD and Geodata optimization practices.
•Demonstrate professional knowledge of concepts and principles of geospatial data management by providing a minimum of 2 specific work examples.
• Demonstrate professional knowledge in applying geospatial technologies to address natural resource and/or land management business requirements by providing a minimum of 2 specific work examples. Preference will be given to candidates that have direct range management, riparian, and vegetation data collection experience.
•Demonstrate ability to communicate technical information effectively to lay persons and geospatial technical experts alike.
•Demonstrate knowledge working with variety of geospatial datasets from sources within and external to the federal government. Offeror should highlight in narrative the range of data sources the candidate has worked with in the past.
•Preference will be shown to candidates who can demonstrate experience with multiple-use land management.

•Update and maintain multiple databases (including ArcSDE, Access, Microsoft SQL Server) with versioning and replication, maintaining and creating data applications for field data recorders, and building database calculation code to manipulate data.
• Support data collection, processing, summarizing and/or analyzing of natural resource data and implementation of AIM and other initiatives.
•Gather spatial data of aquatic and terrestrial survey information for compilation into national geodatabases and link complex databases to spatial data layers.
•Develop editing processes, standard operating procedures, and software interfaces to facilitate spatial data capture and editing associated with multiple enterprise-level databases associated with the AIM program.
•Develop and maintain a Sample Design database which is used to capture feature level metadata related to the development of individual AIM projects in order to appropriately apply statistical calculations across multiple scales.
•Develop and implement quality assurance and quality control (QAQC) procedures to routinely ensure data quality and integrity during multiple phases of data capture. This includes determining and setting data requirements/standards to support state and national AIM leads. This will also include creating and maintaining all metadata and documentation for data bases and layers, as well as summary analysis.
•Serve as a consultant/liaison to personnel preforming survey data capture and spatial data manipulation for applications. This includes advocating the user’s needs/requirements with management and with those responsible for computer applications/operations and resolving problems with user requirements and the identification and definition of data elements. Effective implementation of this role requires a strong understanding of applied ecology and field natural resources data collection.
•Use, test and create workflows to compile, edit, migrate, build and maintain the official AIM data repository for agency and public access.
•Write scripts and macros to perform specific operations within existing software packages; specifically, ArcSDE, FME checks, Python, Microsoft SQL server and Microsoft Access, as well as ArcGIS SDE versioning, data replication, and other database applications.
•Make periodic inspections of AIM spatial data updates and maintenance activities to determine with established policies, plans, standards and procedures of the AIM protocols and instructing personnel in new procedural requirements for proper implementation of stream and terrestrial survey activities.
•Assist with analysis of biological and physical components of ecosystems at a variety of temporal and spatial scales.
•Conduct landscape level geospatial assessments to support specific ecological and natural resource questions.
•Support the integration of remote sensing into natural resource management and monitoring programs.


Applicant must be a U.S. citizen. The following forms and inquiries, or their equivalent, will be used to initiate a credentialing process:
• OPM Standard Form 85 or 85P
• OF306
• National Criminal History Check (NCHC)
• Release to Obtain Credit Information
• PIV card application (web-based)

If selected to fill the position, the candidate would be required to pass a drug screen and satisfy the requirements of a National Criminal History Check (NCHC) to verify the identity of the individual applying for clearance and to determine the individual’s suitability for the position.

Sanborn offers a comprehensive health and wellness program which includes medical, dental, vision, 401k, holiday, PTO, EAP, disability and life insurance benefits.

APPLY for the Geospatial Data Management Specialist position ONLINE @ http://www.sanborn.com/careers/