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Position Detail

Title: GIS Specialist
Location: Taholah, WA
Application Deadline:
Posted: 2017-03-22

Position Description:

The Quinault Indian Nation is looking for a GIS Specialist to join the Division of Natural Resources’ GIS Program. The position will work with a diverse group of foresters, wildlife and fish biologists and other technical staff to extend and support the use of GIS and GPS in addressing natural resources issues both on and off reservation. The Quinault Reservation, at approximately 208,000 acres, is the largest reservation in Western Washington with a long history of forestry and fishing.
The principal job duties include (but are not limited to) the incorporation of GIS data from a variety of sources – especially GPS – into the GIS library; the ability to convert data between various formats and file types; the maintenance of existing data layers; the ability to produce hard copy maps to cartographic standards; the ability to analyze GIS data to answer specific questions; the ability to assist end users in their use of the ArcGIS Desktop client and associated ArcPAD software, and the ability to create and refine geodatabases for use in Trimble Nomad-G GPS devices by technical staff in their field work.
The requirements for the position are:

• Minimum requirement AA degree in GIS, Geography, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Engineering, or related field; BS or BA preferred

• Minimum of 2 year experience working with ESRI ArcGIS Desktop 10.x software including the Spatial Analyst and 3D extensions;
• Understanding of and familiar with the use of Python scripting software in the automation of repetitive tasks;

• Strong understanding of cartographic principles, projections, data management, hardcopy and digital map production;
• Understanding of the principals involved in using GPS and practical experience in the use of mapping grade GPS equipment. Familiar with the use of ArcPAD and/or TerraSync and/or ArcGIS Mobile software. Experience using Pathfinder Office or GPS Analyst or Trimble Positions to postprocess GPS data is preferred;
• Strong understanding of all relevant GIS data formats – both vector and raster – to include shape files and ESRI file geodatabases, image formats such as TIFF, JPG, PNG, etc., ESRI grid rasters such as DEM’s. Familiarity with LiDAR and all of its derivative products such as DEM’s, DSM’s, and synthetic stream networks.
• Experience with ESRI Geodatabase design, structure and management – primarily file geodatabases, as well as general database knowledge, including the manipulation of tabular data in GIS, and summarizing, joining, and linking related data;
• Possess a general understanding working with land records including land surveys, and reading legal descriptions;

• Understanding of how to create and maintain FGDC compliant metadata;
• Working knowledge of the full Microsoft Office Professional suite, including MS Access, and the Windows Operating system (Windows 7 or later.)
• Strong communication skills and attention to detail;

• Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively with co-workers and clients; we are looking for a self-starter with excellent interpersonal, technical and critical thinking skills.
Salary $44,646. If interested, please download the Quinault Indian Nation employment application form from www.quinaultindiannation.com, under the EMPLOYMENT tab. The initial applicant review is expected to take place on April 10th, 2017. If you have any questions, please contact the Quinault HR contacts listed on that page.