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Position Detail

Organization: Yolo County General Services Department
Title: GIS Coordinator
Location: Woodland, CA
Application Deadline:
Posted: 2017-03-30

Position Description:

Visit http://agency.governmentjobs.com/yolococa/default.cfm for complete job description.

The County of Yolo is recruiting to fill one regular, full-time position in the class of GIS Coordinator at the General Services, Information Technology department.

The ideal candidate for this position will be a positive, collaborative, solution-focused individual with excellent interpersonal and customer service skills and the ability to handle and manage multiple priorities.

Under general supervision, the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Coordinator plans, implements, coordinates, oversees and maintains the development and operation of the Countywide GIS; performs both routine and complex technical and administrative tasks necessary to maintain and evaluate the County's GIS system, including collection, integration, and dissemination of data and information pertaining to GIS; and supervises and coordinates the work of other GIS staff.

This is a supervisory class responsible for providing and maintaining control and efficient development and utilization of the GIS database management system for all County offices. Incumbents in this class are expected to work under minimal management supervision and instructions and exercise considerable independent judgment and initiative while supervising and coordinating the work of technical and other staff performing tasks related to the County's GIS.

This class is assigned to the Information Technology and Telecommunications Division of the General Services Department and reports directly to the Information Technology Manager or other higher level personnel. The GIS Coordinator is distinguished from the class of Geographic Information Systems Analyst I/II in that the latter is responsible for the day-to-day analytical functions of the County's GIS.

To Apply: This recruitment is open on a continuous basis. Interested applicants should submit an online County of Yolo Employment Application, responses to supplemental questions, a detailed resume, and verification of education and licensure by 5pm on the final filing date.

Essential Functions:

Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

•Supervises, coordinates, assigns and reviews the day-to-day work and operations of County GIS activities.
•Participates in the development and implementation of major programs, policies or procedures related to GIS functions; analyzes the GIS needs of County departments and implements GIS programs, databases, and related products for County departments and outside agencies; evaluates the operations and provides recommendations about the GIS program direction and procedure modifications; develops or assists in developing goals and objectives for GIS processes.
•Manages, leads, coordinates and participates in complex Countywide GIS projects; meets with users to define data needs, project requirements, and project outputs. ; prepares and coordinates project scopes, procedure flow-charts, and schedules with customers and programmers.
•Conducts complex spatial analysis using a variety of modules and GIS software; utilizes multiple databases and GIS software to perform spatial analysis for more difficult or special projects.
•Creates and maintains geo-referenced databases from a variety of sources; utilizes computer hardware and software to create and update customized maps and reports derived from the GIS.
•Creates and maintains the GIS data library, backup programs and security measures; develops process for case tracking and documentation.
•Troubleshoots GIS hardware and software problems and serves as the lead worker with the Information Technology Division technical staff to ensure optimum operation of the GIS system.
•Develops program documentation and user procedures and instructions and provides assistance to departments and staff for design and production of GIS products.
•Serves as a liaison and provides advanced level of support to County staff, the public, private entities and other governmental agencies; shares, exchanges and disseminates GIS data and information.
•Stays abreast of current and future trends of information technologies as they relate to GIS in an effort to intelligently plan and efficiently structure Yolo County to be on the cutting edge of technology; utilizes industry knowledge to make well-informed and progressive decisions about GIS information technology systems and processes.
•Assists with interviewing and selecting assigned personnel; evaluates and provides constructive feedback on employees' work performance; solves problems related to the work supervised; works with employees to correct deficiencies; recommends and/or implements discipline and termination procedures.
•Prepares a variety of written reports and other correspondence; conducts oral presentations using various media methods.
•Reviews proposals and prepares GIS specifications for Requests for Proposal and County projects.
•Performs related duties as assigned.

Knowledge of:

•Principles, practices and concepts of spatial analysis, computerized mapping systems, cartography and geography
•Automated mapping and drafting tools, programs and related programming languages
•Project management processes and techniques
•Principles and practices of producing effective project and technical documentation
•Methods of long-term strategic technical planning, including technology assessment and deployment
•Principles and techniques of modern operating systems, software, database structure and design and system quality assurance and control
•Maintenance and operation of related equipment such as plotters, digitizers and scanners
•Principles, practices and techniques of providing customer service
•Practices of effective communication of technical issues to user and client community
•Applicable federal, state and local rules, regulations, codes, ordinances and laws as they relate to mapping requirements
•Methods of technical research and report writing
•Principles and practices of leadership, mentoring, team building and supervision

Ability to:

•Organize and input data into the GIS; create outputs such as maps and graphs, using computer and GIS system software and peripheral equipment
•Perform complex analytical tabular and spatial queries; integrate complex disparate spatial and tabular databases; use coordinate geometry, digital data transformation and database management in support of GIS
•Develop and maintain a database structure capable of meeting multiple tasks with minimal redundancy
•Evaluate information system design and operation and make recommendations for improvement
•Read and interpret planning, engineering and building maps and documents
•Assist lay persons to identify and describe information system needs and to understand how GIS can meet those needs
•Establish and maintain effective and cooperative working relationships with others, including vendors, clients, users and staff
•Effectively communicate both orally and in writing and make effective presentations
•Organize and complete projects in a timely manner
•Prepare clear, concise and complete technical documents, reports and other written material.