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Position Detail

Organization: City of New Orleans
Title: GIS Analyst - Enterprise GIS Team
Location: City of New Orleans, LA USA
Application Deadline:
Posted: 2017-05-17

Position Description:

Highly responsible technical work of a specialized nature developing and maintaining features in an Enterprise Geodatabase. Work includes preserving the integrity and design of geographic information databases, and supporting GIS functions. Work also includes:

Assisting in the strategic technology planning and implementation in the establishment and maintenance of an enterprise GIS environment using the ArcGIS Platform

Participating in the development of reporting mechanisms to capture information on the current status of the environment.
Implementing policies, procedures, and technologies to ensure security and accuracy of data maintained in the GIS environment.

Maintaining technical and business documentation.
Coordinating with operations to ensure availability, reliability, and scalability of the GIS enterprise to meet business demands.

Recommending and executing modifications to GIS software and solutions in order to improve efficiency, reliability, and performance.

Publishing data within ArcGIS Online for departmental and public consumption.

Related work as required.

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