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Position Detail

Organization: Kitsap County
Title: GIS/Asset Analyst
Location: Port Orchard, WA
Application Deadline:
Posted: 2017-06-14

Position Description:

The incumbent plans, organizes, and provides project leadership in the design and implementation of the various components of the County's asset management system and Geographical Information System (GIS). The employee performs higher-level computer programming, advanced database management, advanced geo-processing and spatial analysis, GIS and asset management related project management and/or higher-level systems administration, development and testing to support operations of the Stormwater, Roads, and Traffic asset management and GIS layers. Responsibilities include implementing Stormwater, Roads, and Traffic asset management systems.


Required Education and Experience
- Bachelors Degree in geography, environmental management, computer science or closely related field; and
- Four years of experience performing complex analytical analysis using ArcGIS software and an asset management system, and experience with Global Positioning System (GPS) data collection and processing; OR
- Any equivalent combination of experience and education that provides the applicant with the desired knowledge, skills and ability required to perform the work.

Preferred Experience
- Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) Technical Certification for ArcGIS software.
- Two years of experience directly involved with implementing or managing asset management systems.

Required Licenses, Certificates, Examinations/Tests and Other Requirements
Please note: The incumbent is responsible for obtaining and maintaining all of the following required licenses, certifications and other requirements.

Prior to employment the successful candidate must:
- Pass all job-related examinations/tests necessary to demonstrate required knowledge, skills and abilities, as determined by the hiring authority at time of job posting.
- Submit official transcripts from an accredited college or university if education is being used to meet the minimum qualifications.
- Provide references that demonstrate reliability, a good attendance record and a positive work ethic/attitude.

Positions in this class typically require:
- Work is primarily performed in the office.
- Sitting and/or standing for long periods of time.
- Bending, reaching, handling and grasping various items such as: documents.
- Visual acuity sufficient to view computer data and read written materials.
- Clear speaking and adequate hearing sufficient to communicate effectively and respond appropriately when conveying or receiving information or instruction.
- Exertion of force of 25 pounds occasionally and/or 10 pounds frequently to lift/carry/move objects and/or files.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Knowledge of:
- Principles, theories and methods of cartography, computer programming, GIS and surveying, particularly as they relate to the ESRI suite of software.
- Principles, practices, techniques and concepts used in performing geoprocessing and data analysis functions.
- Spatial database management procedures; computerized mapping hardware capabilities and operations. Hydrology concepts, hydraulics and computer modeling.
- Asset management concepts, techniques, principles and practices used in allocating capital and maintenance resources.
- Database management, concepts and structures.
- Systems administration methods.
- Trends and developments within the GIS field.

Skills and/or Ability to:
- Appear for scheduled work and complete assigned tasks within a reasonable period of time.
- Schedule and prioritize workflow to complete tasks and meet deadlines.
- Work independently without regular direction, and troubleshoot problems in assigned area of responsibility.
- Establish and maintain effective working relationships with others using tact, courtesy and good judgment.
- Maintain a professional demeanor under heavy workload and stressful situations.
- Maintain confidentiality and adhere to policy and procedures of the department.
- Utilize the computer to program, create, analysis, manage, track data in a database..
- Effectively communicate both orally and in writing.
- Identifying and understanding issues, problems and opportunities; makes sounds, well informed and objective decisions.
- Comprehend and apply problem solving techniques to complicated mapping and data systems.
- Operate and use GIS hardware, software, and related peripheral equipment in area of assignment.
- Physically perform the essential functions of the position.
- Report for duty on time and remain at work until the end of their scheduled shift even if an inclement weather event or emergency is declared as an "Essential Employee" under the Public Works Inclement Weather/Emergency Response policy.

Essential Job Functions:
- Manage and implement Stormwater, Roads, and Traffic asset management software. Assists personnel in making decisions regarding allocating capital and maintenance resources more effectively and making better decisions about rehabilitating or replacing aging assets.
- Analyze data management and application needs. Design, develop and integrate programs and application procedures as needed to provide a comprehensive asset management/GIS/data management system. Design and develop graphical user interfaces for personnel to securely access, edit and search data.
- Develop and implement standards and procedures in the maintenance of data, quality assurance and quality control standards. Identify errors and provide technical support for the correction of county Asset Management/GIS and other data.
- Maintain and manage databases and programs for accessing and storing data, including processes to maintain the continuity and integrity of the data. Provide technical support and training for the use of applications and tools for accessing and editing data.
- Perform moderate to advanced level computer programming, geoprocessing scripting, relational database management system (RDBMS) development and manipulation for applications. Design and diagram and implement workflow solutions for data users and provide training and follow up technical support. Performs advanced GIS and spatial analysis and provides database for hydraulic sewer modeling applications. Perform a variety of graphic services.
Other Job Functions:
Perform related work as required.

Positions in the classification are:
- Classified as eligible for exempt from earning overtime.
- Non-union and covered under the Personnel Manual.

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