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Position Detail

Organization: Pace Suburban Bus
Title: GIS Specialist
Location: Arlington Heights, IL
Application Deadline: 2017-08-17
Posted: 2017-07-17

Position Description:

Under the direction of the GIS Supervisor, or designee, responsible for completing GIS mapping requests, update key operational and tabular databases. Create printed and interactive web maps and graphs using ESRI ArcGIS Software 10x and related equipment. Meet with users to define data needs, project requirements, required outputs, or to develop applications. Conduct research to locate and obtain existing GIS data sources and GIS layers. Gather, analyze and integrate spatial data from staff and determine how the information can be displayed using GIS and web apps with mobile capabilities. Compile geographic data from a variety of sources including longitudinal and latitudinal data broadcasted via GPS enabled buses, United States and local censuses, field observations and surveys, satellite/aerial imagery and existing maps. Analyze spatial data for geographic statistics to incorporate into documents and reports. Other duties may be assigned or required.

Qualified candidates must have a BS/BA degree in Geography, Planning or Computer Science, and a demonstrated proficiency in using ESRI ArcGIS suite of products (Arc Map, Arc Catalogue, Arc Toolbox, and ArcGIS Server) is essential, skilled in cartography and map design including coordinate systems, correct projections and map scales, model building, as well as database administration, design and GIS layers. Web Application Builder and Web Developer by ESRI are advantageous. Python Programming and scripts is highly advantageous. Must have excellent communication skills in the form of verbal, written, cartographic with the ability to convey GIS/spatial information to non-GIS/technical people. Skill to design and maintain GIS databases and other database formats such as Microsoft Access, dbase, Oracle and SQL. Public Transportation and Paratransit planning expertise is beneficial. Qualified candidate must have a good work and attendance history.

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