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Position Detail

Organization: Quantum Spatial
Title: Geospatial Imaging Specialist
Location: Denver, CO
Application Deadline:
Posted: 2017-07-20

Position Description:

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Quantum Spatial is seeking a Geospatial Imaging Specialist to provide technical expertise for geospatial imaging (remote sensing, photogrammetry, and Unmanned Aerial System) projects supporting natural and cultural resource management applications, including, but not limited to, forestry, botany, fisheries, hydrology, soils, wildlife, and fire ecology.  The position will be responsible for collecting data through various geospatial imaging means, preparing metadata, coordinating projects, and performing all varieties of image and photogrammetric processing.


  • Conduct or assist in UAS, close range photogrammetry, and GPS field campaigns to capture remotely sensed datasets.

  • Coordinate and track project work including field operations and logistics.

  • Perform image processing procedures such as orthorectification, image registration, atmospheric and radiometric correction, and mosaicking using software including Erdas Imagine and ENVI.

  • Derive spectral indices (i.e., NDVI), pan-sharpened imagery, and change detection products from remotely sensed data.

  • Perform image classification and analysis to produce land and/or species cover maps, in accordance with client protocols and standards, under the supervision of the lead Remote Sensing Specialist.

  • Employ open source point classification tools including LAStools, Cloud Compare, and Support Vector Machines (SVM).

  • Develop orthoimagery, digital terrain models, 3-D point clouds from UAS and traditional aerial imagery using PhotoScan or similar modern photogrammetric software.

  • Process Full Motion Video datasets.

  • Participate in project teams providing geospatial imaging support.

  • Assist in designing geospatial imaging projects in consultation with client staff and partners.

  • Attend meetings, conference, and/or seminars to present work and project findings to other federal and academic interests.

  • Support the development and delivery of geospatial imaging training content.

  • Develop metadata for geospatial imaging datasets compliant with client and other federal standards.


Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree (minimum) in a geospatial or related discipline.

  • 3 years professional experience (minimum) developing geospatial imaging products.

  • Current FAA Part 107 certification.

  • Experience conducting field-based geospatial imaging projects including UAS operations, ground control collection, plot level sampling, and/or terrestrial imaging for photogrammetric data capture.

  • Professional knowledge of photogrammetric and structure from motion principals including aerial triangulation, semi-global matching (SGM), bundle adjustments, stereo compilation, dynamic camera calibration, and more.

  • Knowledge of data validation and accuracy assessment techniques for quantification and reporting of error in geospatial datasets.

  • Experience designing, managing, and maintaining geospatial databases (including Esri file and SDE geodatabases).

  • Knowledge of raster, point cloud, and 3D data formats (e.g., geotiff, img, sid, jpg, ascii, las, ply, 3D PDF) and their properties, along with experience developing workflows to process these various data sources.

  • Professional knowledge of concepts and principles of remote sensing (including sensors, platforms, software packages, and current science and technology trends), and high level competence in digital image processing, geographic information systems use, and other geospatial technologies.

  • Direct professional experience with a variety of image processing and photogrammetric software packages including LAStools, Erdas Imagine, PhotoScan, and/or Esri’s Suite of Image-related tools.

  • Professional working competence in the applications of remote sensing technology and functional abilities in geographic projections, transformation, geodetic science, database management, geographic information systems, and statistics are required. 

  • Proven experience working with multiple types and resolutions of remote sensing data. Demonstrated advanced knowledge of sensor technologies and platforms such as LIDAR, aerial photography, stereo-captured commercial high resolution satellites, LANDSAT, and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).

  • Professional experience coordinating multiple projects.

  • Proven ability to work within a team context of diverse physical, biological, ecological, technical, and environmental sciences personnel.

  • Experience scripting with Python or JavaScript is preferred.



  • Up to 10 trips to public lands in western states, for field-related activities, will be required.


All job offers with Quantum Spatial are contingent upon passing a background check and drug screening.


How to Apply

Please upload a letter of interest, resume, and with professional references in one (1) PDF via online application process.

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No phone calls, please. Incomplete applications and auto-reply submissions will not be considered.


It is the policy of Quantum Spatial to provide equal opportunity for all qualified persons and not to discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, veteran status, disability, or any other protected status.