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Position Detail

Organization: city of anderson
Title: GIS Coordinator
Location: Anderson SC
Application Deadline: 2017-10-30
Posted: 2017-10-06

Position Description:

The purpose is to develop, implement, and maintain the City’s GIS system and related data; to analyze GIS data for mapping and report preparation; and to perform related professional and technical work as required.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following: Analyzing GIS technology requirements of City departments; Developing plans to implement new or modified technology to help meet departments’ needs; Evaluating implementation requirements, and recommending resources needed; Designing and producing both simple and complex analytical GIS procedures to meet established needs; Testing applications to ensure the desired end results; Creating, editing, and maintaining GIS data; Creating new data using GPS; Analyzing GIS data; Providing statistical analysis in the form of reports and maps to be used for City-wide planning and decision-making; Converting data as necessary; Developing, implementing, and maintaining Internet mapping services; Creating graphics for presentations, printed materials, etc., using computer-aided technology; Planning and providing training in the use of GIS for City staff; Providing installation, troubleshooting, and technical support for City GIS and other GIS-centric software systems; Contacting vendors to resolve technical problems as necessary; Maintaining inventory of GIS system hardware and software; Receiving and responding to inquiries, concerns and complaints in areas of responsibility; Performing general administrative/clerical work as required, including but not limited to preparing reports and correspondence, entering and retrieving computer data, copying and filing documents, attending meetings, answering the telephone, etc.

City of Anderson
401 S Main Street
Anderson, SC 29624