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Position Detail

Organization: New Light Technologies Inc.
Title: Remote Sensing & Geospatial Analyst/Developer
Location: Washington DC Metro
Application Deadline:
Posted: 2017-10-10

Position Description:

Remote Sensing & Geospatial Analyst/Developer

New Light Technologies is hiring for an exciting position in the Washington DC area supporting critical Geospatial analytics that power the nationís federal emergency management and response community. Apply your skills in GIS, Remote Sensing, Imagery Analysis, Data Development, and Application Development to help improve the nationís emergency preparedness, planning, and disaster resiliency.

The candidate will work in a multi-disciplinary environment among a team of talented and dedicated professionals in a variety of fields including Emergency Management, Public Safety, Planning, Geospatial Information Systems, Information Technology etc. The candidate will have technical experience working with a variety of remote sensing data types, including SAR, multi-spectral, and optical imagery. The candidate will have familiarity working with common sensors such as Sentinel, Landsat, Modis, VIIRS, and others. The candidate will act as a lead developer of geoprocessing workflows that derive value-added products from remote sensing datasets to support Emergency Response efforts such as: feature extraction, flood extent maps, change detection maps, and damage proxy maps. The candidate will contribute to development of digital hazard models for estimating risk from hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and other natural hazard events. The candidate will integrate remote sensing components into GIS-based models, producing a cohesive architecture of vector, raster and database outputs. The candidate will incorporate imagery and value-added imagery products from a variety of sources across the U.S. Federal and International Governmental arenas, Academia, Private Industry, and the Non-profit & Humanitarian sectors to improve hazard models that are capable of accurately representing and estimating various human, environmental, economic, and other risk factors. The candidate will be responsible for the research and development of remote sensing-based workflows as well as their operationalization through automation, scripting, and the development of code and interoperable data services for incorporation into analytical models and decision support tools for use during emergency events. The candidate will coordinate with groups across the U.S. Federal and International Governmental arenas, Academia, Private Industry, and the Non-profit & Humanitarian sectors during live disaster events to task sensors for data acquisition and automate components of the tasking workflows. The candidate will also develop automated scripts for downloading and processing large data files from remote sensing partners.

● Develop solutions for tasking and integrating various remote sensing capabilities such as Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) imagery and videos, Civil Air Patrol imagery, video, and mosaics, Synthetic Aperture Radar, Multispectral imagery, LIDAR, small satellite imagery and video, etc. and related server-based image processing, geoprocessing, exploitation, classification, tile services, and algorithm services into the architecture, workflows, and analytical processes
● Integrate remote sensing capabilities into hazard modeling workflows
● Develop new workflows, scripts and tools for deriving valule-added products from remote sensing data that estimate hazard-associated damages and impacts Provide hazard modeling support before, during, and after disaster events as required
● Support automation and incorporation of models into web and mobile applications, decision support tools, etc.

Geo/Remote Sensing:
● Knowledge of remote sensing and image processing techniques (rectification, classification, feature extraction, etc.)
● Knowledge of remotely sensed imagery data types and sources including commercial and government satellite and aerial optical, radar, lidar data
● Strong knowledge and understanding of SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) data and its usage
● Strong knowledge and understanding of Multispectral data and its usage
● Thorough understanding of Remote Sensing and GIS software, data, methodologies, and workflows
● Strong skills with a variety of Remote Sensing and GIS software including ENVI, ESRI ArcGIS
● Experience working with different remote sensing data types (raw, processed, georeferenced, value-added) from various sensors (Sentinel, Landsat, etc) and sensor types (SAR, multispectral, optical, etc)
● Experience with data evaluation, integration, cleansing
● Experience with Earth environmental raster and vector data (digital terrain models, weather data, natural hazards, hydrologic data, etc.)
Application Development:
● Ability to automate processes and methodologies related to remote sensing and geoprocessing
● Ability to integrate with existing models in a logical workflow
● Experience with programming, coding, and scripting
● Experience with IDL, Python, ESRI ArcGIS Model Builder, etc
● Experience with emergency management
● Experience coordinating with internal team members and external partners in a dynamically changing environment
● Ability to work independently as well as in a team environment
● Ability to work in a high-paced disaster response environment
● Strong writing, communication, and documentation, presentation skills
● Candidates must be U.S. Citizens and have the ability to obtain and hold U.S. Government security clearance

How to Apply:
Please send resumes and cover letter to recruiting@newlighttechnologies.com (with ĎRemote Sensing & Geospatial Analyst/Developer in the subject line).

New Light Technologies Inc., a small business based in Washington DC that provides comprehensive information technology solutions for clients in government, commercial, and non-profit sectors including extensive experience in public safety & emergency management, transportation, urban planning, demographics & economics, environmental studies, telecommunications, healthcare, and other fields. NLT specializes in DevOps enterprise-scale systems development, management, and staffing and offers unique capabilities in IT Infrastructure Modernization, Mobile Computing, Cybersecurity, Big Data Development, Modeling & Analytics, Geospatial Information Systems, and the Development of High Performance Web-based Visualization Solutions.

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