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Position Detail

Organization: Evari GIS Consulting, Inc.
Title: Technology and Innovation Lead (Tech Lead)
Location: San Diego, CA
Application Deadline:
Posted: 2017-11-27

Position Description:

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Evari GIS Consulting Incorporated has been in business since June 2009 and was founded with the purpose of providing high-quality GIS services on municipal work. Evari is a boutique consulting firm specializing in delivering custom GIS solutions for clients on the ArcGIS technology stack and Amazon Web Services platform. The firm has doubled in revenue and staff every year since its founding in 2009. Evari GIS Consulting is a fast growing business with one foot in traditional GIS Consulting and another in the innovation community. Evari’s clientele includes some of the largest private companies, utilities and municipalities in the United States. The firm balances broad national relationships with a deep connection to the local San Diego community. Evari is currently under contract to provide GIS consulting services on traffic, planning, electrical undergrounding, stormwater, municipal street and roadway lighting and energy services projects, among others. In addition, Evari has intellectual property, which it seeks to design, develop and bring to market. Evari seeks a Technology and Innovation Lead (Tech Lead) to provide technical expertise in implementing innovative solutions. The individual who fills this role will work alongside and has an equal role to the Operations Lead (Ops Lead).

The Tech and Innovation Lead must possess 1) technical expertise in the ArcGIS Technology Stack and related technology 2) enjoy training enthusiastic staff and 3) strong commitment to innovation. The Tech and Innovation Lead is responsible to bring out the best in Evari staff, work alongside the Ops Lead to scale the business’s resources through periods of growth, while continuing to provide excellent customer service and first-class deliverables. If brought on-board today, the Tech and Innovation Lead will directly manage 4.5 full time desktop/server team members and provide technical guidance to 13+ other team members.

Primary Responsibilities:
• building Evari’s in-house resources to deliver best-in-class GIS consulting services
• providing guidance and advice to Evari staff working directly for clients.
• advising on proposals, costs, new hires, investments and other critical business decisions
• under all circumstances, the Technology and Innovation Lead will lead by example

Employment Terms:
• full time, salaried
• health benefits, including coverage for dependents (after 90 days)
• retirement plan 3% match (after 2 years)
• paid time off
• holidays
• equal opportunity employer
• ongoing training- conferences, classes etc.

Potential Candidates must:
• understand how a streamlined and profitable GIS Consulting firm/department functions
• are enthusiastic about building a business
• are interested in bringing out the best in employees
• are Esri GIS diehards and have full command of the ArcGIS Technology Stack
• have excellent verbal and written communication skills
• be able to balance an innovation mindset with the ability to work in teams on ongoing projects
• be able to travel to client sites in and out of the region (typically infrequent multi-day trips or rare multi-week trips, currently in the US but potentially overseas in future)

Required Skills and Experience:
• proven recent 5 years of experience with Esri Desktop and Server software, including hands-on experience with:
o ArcGIS For Desktop
o ArcSDE / RDBMS enterprise versioned geodatabases
o ArcGIS for Server map services
o configuring/implementing/customizing/developing GIS web viewers
• ability to comfortably communicate with a variety of clients, staff, and other professionals with a range of personalities and technical proficiencies
• Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Geography, Engineering, GIS or other relevant field or commensurate experience

Preferred Qualifications:
• GISP Certification
• Esri Technical Certifications
• Amazon Web Services experience\certifications
• relational database management
• web development
• GIS integration with IOT systems

Desired Characteristics:
• a collaborative teammate who appreciates the value of communicating and sharing information
• enthusiastic about problem solving and enjoys new and varied technical challenges
• willing to perform duties outside of the basic job description and quickly expand skill set into new areas
• able to thrive in a dynamic environment with rapidly changing objectives and priorities
• is a GIS evangelist who comfortably and enthusiastically engages non-techies in discussions about technology, especially regarding the value of addressing problems from a geographic perspective.

Evari is a small tight-knit team, consisting of hard working team members who love finding value for our clients through the use of GIS technology. We pride ourselves on always providing cutting\leading edge solutions and evolving with the industry. Our clients value our commitment to their success, our willingness to adjust to meet their unique business needs, and our professionalism under all circumstances.

Workload. As a small business consulting firm, we are subject to a dynamic workload. Most often there is more work than time to meet the demand. At Evari, we rise to the occasion and meet this demand. It will be your responsibility to work overtime, when necessary, and leverage Evari’s resources at your disposal to ensure we deliver upon the scope for the client. You may work long hours and experience some stress. This may require doing work which would normally be accomplished by someone else. You, as well as the other members of the Evari team, are expected to do whatever needs to be done in order to deliver products we are proud of. In fulfilling your responsibility to ensure we deliver upon the scope of work for our customers, you will have the flexibility to hire independent contractors, temporary employees, new employees and make adjustments in order to meet these requirements. Rising to the occasion is the nature of a growing small business. It is likely that we currently have a 24 person business worth of work and only 20 people to complete it. It will be your responsibility, along with the Ops Lead, to anticipate this and marshal the resources to deliver excellent services.

Sometimes there will be less project based work than normal. During these times, you will have the opportunity to focus on non-project based tasks, such as training, improving internal processes, evaluating new technologies or working on making our current solutions better. Our team is constantly striving to get things done.

Office/Travel. You will work out of Evari GIS Consulting offices, located within the heart of the North Park neighborhood in San Diego CA. Travel will be expected approximately 10% of the time. More travel is expected during the first 3 months of employment in order to learn how field work is currently accomplished. Periodically you will need to travel to a client location and meet with clients. It is possible that you will need to spend time at a client’s site, though thus far this has not been a common need. Travel requirements and durations will vary.

This is a challenging position. At Evari, we do not hesitate to tackle new technical or logistical problems. We have demanding clients who request new and innovative solutions. They send repeat business because they know they can count on us to solve their geographic problems. Often we provide critical path services on multimillion dollar projects. Construction work is not completed if services aren’t available. The successful applicant should expect that, at times, they will be expected to work longer than normal hours and experience some stress.

How to apply. Please submit a 1 or 2 page cover letter to info@sdgis.com, explaining your interest in the position and salary requirements. Please also include a 1-page resume for consideration. This position is open until filled.