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Position Detail

Organization: Planet Forward
Title: GIS Technician
Location: Madison, WI
Application Deadline:
Posted: 2018-01-25

Position Description:

GIS Technician/Data Extraction Processor (Madison, Wisconsin)

Hours: 8:00am-4:30pm, Monday through Friday

Who Are We:
We are a Software and Service provider in the Madison area that is leading the forefront in digital asset extraction technologies for various geographical industries. We provide software products and services that aid network class asset extraction across multiple industries.

Job Purpose:

The Data Extraction Processor position is an entry level position that will utilize advanced proprietary LiDAR point cloud visualization and extraction software to create a digital asset library for public and private transportation and industrial applications. Work will involve analyzing data from multiple imaging sensors to create a detailed map of various environments.
A successful candidate will have experience in or willingness to learn about mapping technologies and asset extraction software products.

Duties and Responsibilities

•Using our proprietary software, go frame by frame processing data from LIDAR images to create maps for pipelines for the department of energy
•Analyze large quantities of point cloud and imagery data.
•Provide detailed data report on requested information
•Extract assets and asset attribution from point cloud and imagery data.
•Verify assets generated by automated systems.
•Verify accuracy of mapping data sets.
•Provide feedback of proprietary software to help improve efficiencies.
•Provide continual benchmarks of data processing rates.
•Work overtime when needed


•Basic knowledge of GIS applications or the willingness to learn GIS applications
•Experience/proficiency playing with RPG’s (role playing PC games)
•Interest in taking video game playing skills to a professional field
•Desire to learn/work with multiple computer operating systems, databases and server solutions.
•Desire to learn the understanding of software development pipelines.