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Position Detail

Organization: Planet Forward (bstith@theplanetforward.com)
Title: GIS Analyst
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Application Deadline:
Posted: 2018-02-22

Position Description:

Job Description:
Support the operation, maintenance and/or construction of the electric power delivery system by maintaining, reporting, and analyzing data from a number of data systems within their assigned area.
GIS Analyst is expected to work independently, or as part of a team, under close-to-moderate supervision, and to develop and advance their skills.

With some supervision, duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:
Support Power Delivery in safely and cost-effectively delivering reliable electric service to our customers, and remaining compliant with various regulatory standards and requirements, by maintaining, reporting and analyzing data contained in various data management systems within assigned department(s).
Enter and maintain/edit data within the assigned data systems as needed using the normal system interface software.
Ensure integrity of data contained within the assigned data systems by understanding and adhering to the rules and standard practices for data entry, and by identifying and helping to correct data inaccuracies or inconsistencies.
Provide ongoing support to your "customers", whether internal or external to the company, demonstrating a strong customer service attitude.
Be readily available and responsive to requests.
Deliver high-quality results in a timely fashion, meeting or beating established deadlines and/or promised dates.
Establish and maintain open two-way communications and effective working relationships with Managers, Supervisors, and individual contributors within the "customer" departments.
Proactively understand and fulfill the needs of your "customers" and proactively communicate to keep them informed.
Administer and support various computer systems and tools. Examples may include, but are not limited to, software applications, databases, SharePoint sites, web pages, shared servers, etc.
Strive to continually improve job-related, technical and professional knowledge, skills and performance.
Analyze, resolve, and document problems associated with the data contained in the applicable databases
Support the company's and department's goals and represent the company positively and professionally.
Serve as a technical resource. Share information and transfer knowledge to others by providing informal advice and training.

Desired Skills:
ESRI and/or GE Smallworld, SQL Database Management, Python Programming knowledge, FME Software, Sharepoint, Access, Excel