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Position Detail

Organization: Sobba Group
Title: GIS Director
Location: Fresno, CA
Application Deadline:
Posted: 2018-02-27

Position Description:

GIS Director
Job Summary: We are seeking a qualified Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP) for our client located in Fresno CA to manage company mapping software along with geographical information and data related to thier organization. The successful candidate will develop the company's custom GIS database and mapping analysis. The GIS Director will also integrate existing company software and data necessary for capturing, managing, analyzing and displaying all forms of geographic information. In addition, the candidate must be able to collaborate with IT disciplines to ensure that necessary changes to the information technology environment are instituted with an appropriate level of quality, cost, and consistency.
Essential Functions:
„« Responsible for designing, programming and analyzing data in GIS;
„« Implement ESRI Server, Portal, interactive maps, map viewing tools, & data collection tools.
„« Coordinate/implement database programming, schema design, development and administration;
„« Responsible for Create high quality exhibits and maps for multiple projects;
„« Developing IT best practices, coordinating, planning, and driving technical solutions surrounding company‘¦s database including use of tablet computers in the field;
„« Importing/exporting information from Microsoft and other brands of software to our company database;
„« Maintaining shapefiles, File Geodatabases, and SQL databases;
„« Ensuring changes/updates to company database are documented, tested, & approved by users;
„« Training staff on coordinate system using AutoCAD and GIS;
„« Communicating effectively with programmer and staff to implement database development;
„« Leading and managing a staff of 2-3 GIS technicians to create dynamic interactive maps, and conduct geospatial/statistical analysis and queries; and
„« Keeping well-informed of technical changes and innovations.

Minimum Requirements:
„« Bachelor‘¦s degree in Geographic Information Systems or related field;
„« Proficiency with database systems and design methodologies;
„« Advanced ability to publish maps
„« Experience managing & implementing ESRI GIS systems & Server;
„« Proficiency with ArcGIS Pro 2.0 and ArcGIS Desktop 10.5
„« Proficient in data conversion;
„« Experience working with SQL database;
„« Demonstrated knowledge managing database systems;
„« Python scripting ability a plus
„« Advanced map creation & advanced querying using ESRI products
„« Geospatial statistical analysis and integration of sensor & satellite data a plus
„« Excellent oral, written, and interpersonal skills required to work with technical specialists and a diverse user community including field personnel; and
„« Strong analytical and organizational skills.
If you have the skills and desire to be successful in this position, please contact Blair Sobba at The Sobba Group for consideration.
Contact: Blair Sobba, Sobba Group 559-435-6767 or email: blair@sobbagroup.com