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Organization: Evari GIS Consulting
Title: Business Development Lead (BD Lead)
Location: San Diego CA
Application Deadline:
Posted: 2018-03-21

Position Description:

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Evari GIS Consulting Incorporated has been in business since June 2009 and was founded with the purpose of providing high-quality GIS services on government work. Evari is a boutique consulting firm specializing in delivering custom GIS solutions for clients on the ArcGIS technology stack and Amazon Web Services platform. The firm has approximately doubled in revenue and staff count every year since its founding in 2009. Evari GIS Consulting is a fast growing business with one foot in traditional GIS Consulting and another in the innovation community. Evari’s clientele includes some of the largest private companies, investor owned utilities and municipalities in the United States. The firm balances broad national relationships with a deep connection to the local San Diego community. Evari is currently under contract to provide GIS consulting services on traffic, planning, electrical undergrounding, stormwater, street and roadway lighting and energy services projects, among others. In addition, Evari has intellectual property, which it seeks to design, develop and bring to market. Evari seeks a Business Development and Marketing Lead (BD Lead) to continue Evari’s growth into the future.

The BD Lead is responsible for all work leading up to the signing of contracts, including both recurring revenue from existing clients (farming) and acquiring new customers (hunting). The BD Lead is responsible for responding to opportunities as either a prime and subcontractor as well as traditional, internet and social media marketing efforts. It is critical that the BD Lead understand the capabilities of the Evari GIS team in order to pursue and win work the Evari team can successfully complete. He/She should understand the markets Evari works within, have foresight to identify new markets and the ability to direct appropriate BD resources toward capturing those markets.

Primary Responsibilities:
• Identifying and sharing opportunities for Evari GIS to bring value to clients
• Responding to formal solicitations as a prime or subcontractor
• Deciding which opportunities to pursue
• Giving presentations to potential clients
• Management of traditional marketing efforts (advertising in trade magazines, mailers, etc.)
• Management of Internet/Social Media marketing efforts (Banner ads, social media presence)
• Manning and organizing successful booths at trade shows.

Employment Terms
• Full time, salaried (potential commission)
• Health benefits, including coverage for dependents (after 90 days)
• Retirement plan 3% match (after 2 years)
• Paid time off
• Holidays
• Equal Opportunity Employer
• Ongoing training- conferences, classes etc.
• Phone and laptop reimbursements

Successful Candidate must have
• Detailed knowledge of GIS
• Ability to identify opportunities for GIS to bring value to clients
• Experience responding to, writing and/or evaluating government solicitations
• Ability to communicate technical concepts to non-technical people.
• Skilled technical and non-technical writer
• Adept at reaching out on the phone to potential clients
• Able to give compelling presentations
• Sociable, good networker.
• Excellent time and cost management skills

Required Skills and Experience:
• Undergraduate degree
• 5 Years combined GIS/BD experience
• Experience with business development efforts

Desired Characteristics:
• Team-oriented
• Enthusiastic about sharing the value GIS can bring to projects
• Willing to perform duties outside of the basic job description and quickly expand skill set into new areas
• Able to thrive in a dynamic environment with rapidly changing objectives and priorities
• Professional tenacity
• Is a GIS evangelist who comfortably and enthusiastically engages non-techies in discussions about technology, especially regarding the value of addressing problems from a geographic perspective.

Evari GIS’s current clients include
• Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs)
• Energy Service Companies (ESCos)
• Diversified Consulting Firms
• Engineering Firms
• Construction Firms
• Municipalities

• Street and Roadway Lighting
• Traffic and Parking
• Electrical Engineering
• Stormwater
• Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions
• Environmental
• Regional Construction Projects

Beneficial experience\certifications
• CPSM Certification
• GISP Certification
• Esri Certifications
• Experience working in Government
• Experience working for an AEC firm
• Experience working for a consulting firm

Evari is a small tight-knit team, consisting of hard working team members who love finding value for our clients through the use of GIS technology. We pride ourselves on always providing cutting\leading edge solutions and evolving with the industry. Our clients value our commitment to their success, our willingness to adjust to meet their unique business needs, and our professionalism under all circumstances.

While technical leads are often involved in BD activities, Evari is not an “eat what you kill” environment where technical leads also lead business development efforts. Technical employees focus on completing work. The BD lead is expected to gain technical proficiency and represent Evari in a professional manner across a range of industries. The BD lead is expected to understand current market trends, advise on entry into new markets and exiting ones which may not provide opportunity in the future.

Workload. The BD Lead will largely drive their own work. In many cases the BD Lead will make commitments, such as to man a booth at a trade show, when an opportunity comes in from one of our clients. The BD lead is expected to make both circumstances successful. The BD Lead will be expected to work overtime, when necessary, and leverage Evari’s resources at their disposal to ensure our clients get what is needed to. The BD Lead may work long hours and experience some stress. This may require doing work which would normally be accomplished by someone else. The BD Lead, as well as the other members of the Evari team, are expected to do whatever needs to be done in order to deliver products of which we are proud.

The BD Lead will have the flexibility to hire independent contractors, temporary employees, new employees and make adjustments in order to meet these requirements. Rising to the occasion is the nature of a growing small business. It is likely that we currently have a 24 person business worth of work and only 20 people to complete it. It will be your responsibility to anticipate this and marshal the resources to deliver excellent services.

Sometimes there will be less work than normal. During these times, the new hire will have the opportunity to focus on development tasks, such as training, improving internal processes, evaluating new technologies or working on making our current solutions better. Our team is constantly striving to get things done.

Office/Travel. The new hire will work out of Evari GIS Consulting offices, located within the heart of the North Park neighborhood in San Diego CA. Travel will be expected approximately 20% of the time. The successful candidate will primarily travel to prebid meetings, interviews, trade shows and for presentations in client’s offices. Travel requirements and durations will vary.

How to apply. Please submit a 1- or 2-page cover letter to info@sdgis.com explaining your interest in the position. Please also include a 1-page resume for consideration. This position is open until filled.