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Position Detail

Organization: Planet Forward (bstith@theplanetforward.com)
Title: GIS Technician/Specialist
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Application Deadline:
Posted: 2018-04-10

Position Description:


Preparing and updating record maps on a variety of mediums based on information supplied by construction drawings, job control forms and other data as necessary to post data in the Company GIS system.
Completing pipeline design layouts and material requisitions from partial sketches and field notes, including all major components such as valves, regulators, meters, relief valves, etc.
Checking with others for additional details or conditions as may be required to supplement sketches or technical information furnished.
Interpreting information provided by maps, construction drawings, field notes, etc. to determine the location of other structures and utilities (electric, water, telephone, etc.).
Evaluating various completed gas operations' documents (construction folders, valve inspections, etc.) for map updating purposes using GIS.
Must be able to read construction drawings, field notes and other utility prints.
Must be able to demonstrate the understanding of record-keeping systems including electronic data processing and associated forms.
**Candidates with GE Smallworld experience are ideal.**