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Position Detail

Organization: Eylon International
Title: GIS Database Specialist
Location: Madison, Wisconsin
Application Deadline:
Posted: 2018-07-23

Position Description:


This position is located within the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), located in Madison, Wisconsin.

This position serves the entire state and has responsibility for assisting with Agricultural Conservation Easement Program (ACEP) easement restoration evaluations as well as developing and maintaining the easement infrastructure database for the Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) and the Emergency Watershed Protection Program - Floodplain Easements (EWPP-FPE).


The incumbent of this position works with the easement programs associated with ACEP and the legacy easement programs listed above. The work involves the review of existing easements, primarily WRP, for components of restoration, assistance with statewide easement monitoring, infrastructure review and the implementation of management activities.


The position works with engineering and biological staff, Area and State Office staff, and others to catalog and evaluate easement infrastructure. The position works regularly with NRCS internal and external partners, entities and technical service providers to collect information to populate the easement infrastructure database (dam database). The work requires the evaluation of soils, vegetation, historical imagery, and GIS data layers. Applicants will possess excellent skills in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ARC GIS, and Google Maps.


The position also assists with the coordination of monitoring documentation submitted by field staff, evaluates existing projects for structural components and other restoration criteria. Submitted documents are reviewed, organized and entered into the National Easement Staging Tool (NEST) or the dam database.

Major Duties consist of the following:

Creates a database for easement access from existing GIS easement layers, hard files, and potential field confirmation.

Maintain Dam Database from information collected from various sources.

Maintain a job diary maintained by date and list tasks accomplished. This diary will be included with all submitted timesheets for payment to be considered.

Data Collection (20%)

a. Gathers information from internal and external sources to maintain Dam Database.

b. Coordinate with field staff of monitoring documentation and evaluates existing projects for structural components and other restoration criteria.

c. Enter monitoring documents into the National Easement Staging Tool or the dam database.

d. Assist with annual report data compilation.

e. Assist with the development/refinement of WRE/WRP management plan templates and databases.

Technical Application (80%)

a. Use high-resolution photography, scanned imagery, and satellite imagery to identify remote natural resources.

b. Use remote sensing and geospatial information system applications to identify, classify, and record data elements

c. Independently utilize the Avenza application to develop working geo-pdfs and collect field monitoring data for subsequent GIS analysis and data preparation activities.

d. Assist with coordination of monitoring through CESU agreements and associated data entry.

e. Assist with Farm and Ranchland Protection Program boundary digitizing and certification.

f. The incumbent assists with the coordination of annual and monthly statewide easement monitoring plans for all programs listed above and regularly inform state leadership of progress as required by national guidelines with input from the monitoring biologist.

g. The incumbent may coordinate with the appropriate NRCS remote sensing laboratory to facilitate remote easement monitoring as that program is developed.

h. The position reviews restoration plans for previously restored ACEP and legacy program sites for the entire state and may discuss the plans with the local support staff. The incumbent ensures that the restoration plans and engineering as-builts are properly documented.

i. The incumbent may assist with guidance for staff on management, monitoring, and enforcement issues as they relate to enforcement remediation.


Applicants must meet the technical requirements:

Possess valid driving license; *Violations must be noted before use of Government Furnished Vehicle b. Proficient in word processing;

Knowledgeable and experienced in utilizing a variety of computer hardware and software applications, such as Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, and Access;

Ability to use e-mail and internet browsers i.e., Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft explorer.

Knowledgeable and experienced in operating small office machines, such as calculators, fax machines, scanning devices, postage meters, and copy machines;

Knowledgeable and experienced in general office procedures, such as preparing reports, spreadsheets, and filing. Familiarity with certified mail and return-receipt mail procedures;

Skillful in working with the general public;

Capable of working independently; and

Possess basic telephone skills.

Knowledge of ArcGIS, specifically the ability to create and edit polygon features and final map production.

Knowledge of general agricultural and conservation programs

They may be required to traverse cropland, diverse terrain, pasture, and wetland areas.