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Position Detail

Organization: TriMet
Title: GIS Data Analyst
Location: Portland, OR
Application Deadline: 2018-09-28
Posted: 2018-09-14

Position Description:


Technical position provides: cartographic mapping and presentations; spatial analysis queries and reports; support for desktop GIS application development; training and software support; support for planning and decision making; data preparation, maintenance, and distribution at the agency-wide and regional level; technical documentation; and technical assistance where needed related to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) activity. This may include: GPS data collection; feature editing; the development and documentation of user requirements and metadata; address standardization and geocoding; demographic analysis using Census data; programming and automation and cartographic design for presentation and analysis. Ensure a commitment to safety through consistent and professional behaviors in performance of job requirements that demonstrate safety is a fundamental value that guides all aspects of our work. Perform related duties as required.