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Position Detail

Organization: Genex Systems
Title: GIS Oracle Administrator/Developer
Location: Hampton, VA
Application Deadline:
Posted: 2018-10-02

Position Description:

Genex Systems is looking for a talented and versatile RDBMS database Administrator/Developer to join our team on the Geospatial Support Services (GSS) contract at NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC). The contract includes requirements to operate, maintain, and update current Langley geospatial support services and associated data and web tool suite, and provide recurring and one-time specific geospatial product and service deliverables. Additional requirements include continuing the operation of existing capabilities and development, support, and analysis for enterprise class geospatial solutions and deliverables. This expertise facilitates accurate and effective data for managing property and boundaries, geodetic control, buildings, structures and utilities, environmental, safety and first responders, and facility construction, maintenance, operations, and demolition, and survey and measurement of wind tunnels, models and other scientific equipment to support mission-related programs. Geospatial data identifies and depicts geographic locations, boundaries and characteristics of features on the surface of the Earth. Geospatial data includes geographic coordinates to identify the location of Earth’s features, and data associated to geographic locations.

The candidate will preferably have RDBMS administration and development experience in a GIS environment, handling GIS spatial data.

The RDBMS Administrator/Developer will support:
- GIS system operations, maintenance and enhancement
- Buildings Spatial Data and Master Plan
- Interfaces to BIM Systems
- GIS Facility and Utility Data Management
- Measurement Systems and Field Data Management
- Spatial Data Transfer
- Geospatial Tools

- Ensures optimum configuration exists for LaRC’s Oracle RDBMS.
- Manages and tunes RDBMS.
- Supports integration with GIS, BIM, and Maintenance management.
- Develops new desktop/web tools.
- Supports queries and reports to requestor’s needs.

- Bachelor’s degree in related discipline
- 6-10 years of related experience

- US citizenship is required

To learn more about Genex Systems and apply online: http://www.genexsystems.com/careers/