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Organization: St. Johns County Government
Title: Asset Management Coordinator
Location: St. Johns County, Florida

Posted: 2018-11-02
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St. Johns County Road & Bridge seeks an Asset Management Coordinator to be responsible for the efficient and effective utilization of the Computerized Maintenance Management System to enhance productivity and service delivery for the Road and Bridge division. Researches industry standards to formulate proper work plans, to include activity schedules, maintenance cycles, and key performance or quality indicators. Gathers required data from end users to evaluate and determine objectives, goals, and scope for the creation of technical specifications. Supports the planning and execution of project plans from start to completion. Reviews all support contracts, service level agreements, and vendor contracts for proper negotiation, budget, and execution. Reviews project plans for proper resource allocation and scheduling. Verifies and reports on project deliverables, outcome measures and other targeted metrics. Makes recommendations for the development of total quality management protocols designed to optimize citizen response, project capitalization, and use of materials and labor. Assists the department?s management team with strategic planning and implementation of multi-year infrastructure maintenance programs. Participates in the annual budget process, relating to the development of maintenance budgets, schedules, expenditure projections, and the review or development of bid and proposal requests. Assists with the development of employee performance standards. Collaborates with department supervisory staff for the review key of performance indicators and work plans; the validation of goals, objectives and project outcomes; the review and modification of work schedules; and other related service evaluations. Conducts project meetings. Analyzes, tracks and reports on project progress and status. Prepares project management plans, contract task orders, staffing/cost estimates, and schedules for approval. Collaborates with other County employees to develop, maintain, and implement the County?s Enterprise Asset Management protocols in order to interface with maintenance, labor, purchasing, and inventory functions for the County. Coordinates the planning, design and establishment of data entry standards used in the CMMS. Establishes, reassigns, revises or deletes records in key data tables in response to system user requirements as applied through use of department policies and standards. Maintains complete, concise, and contemporary technical documentation and taxonomy for the enterprise infrastructure. This includes but is not limited to physical data model schema, data specifications documents, mapping documents, architecture documentation, BI/reporting documents, data flow charts, source code for business queries, business report outputs, etc. Facilitates the development and implementation of data quality, data protection, and data usage standards. Monitors and reports compliance with data related policies, standards, roles and responsibilities, adoption requirements, and consistent application with asset management standards. Provides application support and technical guidance to end users. Builds and tests queries for internal and external auditors and public disclosure requests. Performs field and acceptance tests. Provides support in enhancing the system; maintaining system documentation; and developing related training materials. Maintains a full-time presence on the job. Performs other duties as assigned. Must have knowledge of Total Quality Management & Continuous Improvement principles, practices and standards. Knowledge of public database management systems, principles, practices, and trends. Knowledge of project management theory and techniques. Knowledge of road and bridge construction, design and maintenance principles, practices, materials and equipment. Must be skilled in the analysis of problems and the development and implementation of solutions. Skilled in the use of project management software and asset management database applications. Skilled in the review and interpretation of construction and engineering documents. Skilled in numerical and understanding of data analysis/statistical methods. Skilled in the preparation of clear and precise administrative and analytical reports. Skilled in oral and written communication. Must have knowledge and level of competency commonly associated with the completion of a baccalaureate degree in a course of study related to the occupational field. Must have experience sufficient to thoroughly understand the basic principles relevant to the major duties of the position,usually associated with three to five years experience. Must possess and maintain a valid Florida driver?s license and any other endorsements necessary to legally operate vehicles used while assigned to this position. Must possess good interpersonal and communication skills in order to serve others. Must be able to comprehend, speak and write the English language. Must be able to operate a computer. St. Johns County is a drug free workplace and an equal opportunity employer. All employment actions are taken without regard to race, religion, national origin, color, sex, marital status, age, disability, or genetics.
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