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Organization: City of Gresham
Title: Environmental Data Analyst - Natural Resources
Location: Gresham, Oregon

Posted: 2018-12-06
Application Deadline: 2018-12-27

Position Description:


The City of Gresham's Natural Resources Program is seeking a highly motivated critical thinker with well-developed GIS skills in the area of spatial data management, automation of processes, and relational databases, and a strong educational or vocational background in botany, forestry, wetland science, environmental engineering, water resources, geology, ecology, or similar. The selected candidate will serve as part of a small project team with responsibility for ecological restoration planning, design, implementation, and monitoring. A strong commitment to public service and interest in balancing the protection of natural resources with urban infrastructure needs and public use of greenspaces is necessary. In addition to serving as part of the core Natural Resources team, the Environmental Data Analyst will work closely with the City's GIS team, Water Quality team, Parks staff, utility Operations & Maintenance staff, Development Engineering and City planning staff to ensure consideration of aquatic and terrestrial wildlife and ecological impacts during a wide variety of public and private projects.

This is a 2-year Limited-Duration position.

As Oregon's fourth-largest city, Gresham is a welcoming community of hard-working people where tradition and heritage meet innovation and opportunity. Gresham is a dynamic and rapidly growing city where families and businesses have a mutual desire and drive to thrive. City of Gresham employees care deeply about the community they serve, and go 'one step beyond' to deliver services in collaborative, inventive, practical, and nimble ways. Our work is challenging, fast-paced and rewarding.

We believe that to deliver the highest level of service to all Gresham community members, it is crucial we employ a diverse workforce, foster an inclusive working environment, and ensure our policies and systems result in equitable outcomes. The City seeks candidates who will support these values by continuously incorporating equity in their daily work, and actively contributing to a workplace culture that respects unique viewpoints, life experiences, and cultural perspectives.
Come build the future with us.

The Environmental Data Analyst will recommend and provide the geospatial solutions and data management needed to support the City's Natural Resource restoration initiatives while also participating in field data collection, site assessments, and long-term monitoring. In addition to restoration projects, the Environmental Data Analyst will contribute to other urban ecology initiatives such as biodiversity surveys, forest health studies, slope stabilization improvements, and stream channel assessments.

What you will get to do: •Perform geospatial data management, analysis, and documentation.
•Develop geospatial platforms for tracking restoration projects and mitigation related to public improvements.
•Design team's digital workflows ranging from mobile data collection to database management to data visualization, in collaboration with City's IT and GIS staff to ensure consistency with City standards.
•Assist project teams with use of ESRI suite of software and relational databases, including: •Desktop: ArcPro, ArcMap, Arc Catalog
•Online: ArcGIS Enterprise (Portal), ArcGIS Online
•Apps: Collector for Arc GIS
•Relational databases: Access and Power BI

•Lead the GIS modeling work (independently or supported by external consultants) needed to update the City's Natural Resources Master Plan, and transition the platform of the master plan from ModelBuilder to Python and record the methodology used.
•Incorporate the Natural Resources Master Plan new data sources (such as FEMA Hazus data related to emergency management planning in the event of landslides or wildfire).
•Support the City's regulatory obligations by updating the stream shade (Temperature TMDL) model and associated monitoring of stream shade changes over time.
•Develop and utilize data validation tools in Excel, Access and SQL to identify data quality issues.
•Work with external consultants to complete a reorganization of Gresham's environmental records library.
•Develop geospatial platforms for tracking reports, investigation, and complaint resolution related stream bank stability, hazard tree, weed infestation, or similar inquiries from the public or field staff.
•Collaborate with GIS peers, agency staff, and consultants across disciplines including restoration and wildlife ecologists, environmental engineers, geotechnical engineers, landscape architects, hydrologists, etc.
•Respond to environmental data analysis requests from City staff, volunteer groups, regulatory agencies, and the general public.
•Learn and apply new skills and tools during the life cycle of a project.
Qualities we are looking for: •Collaborative: Someone genuinely interested in working towards consensus in dealing with seemingly conflicting needs of various stakeholders.
•Nimble: Someone who has the ability to navigate from one assignment to another, even on short notice, while maintaining a positive attitude.
•Practical: Someone who is self-motivated with a solid work ethic, and has a natural inclination to identify efficiencies in work processes and when collaborating with other work groups or agencies.
•Inventive: Someone who can envision opportunities for improvement and can evaluate process changes within the constraints of existing policies and available resources.


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