Job Detail

Organization: KfW
Title: Remote Management, Monitoring and Verification (RMMV)
Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Posted: 2019-04-22
Application Deadline: 2019-06-04

Position Description:

Ref.: International, open Tender (Post-qualification) for Consulting Services for assisting KfW to expand its use of Remote Management, Monitoring and Verification (RMMV) methods. Project Executing Agency: Tenderer: KfW Development Bank Project measures: Remotely-monitored and managed projects are an expanding mode of practice for many development actors in environments where security risks are high. The Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau / Geschäftsbereich Entwicklungsbank (KfW Development Bank) is planning to significantly expand its use of Remote Management, Monitoring and Verification (RMMV) methods in order to allow it to continue operating in areas with severely limited or no access and which host the populations that are most urgently in need for support. There is only a limited amount of available research from academics and development practitioners exploring the broader issues of project design, lessons learned and best practice in remotely monitored or managed development projects, most of which is too theoretical or different in perspective for direct application in KfW project design and project implementation. KfW wishes to further enhance and efficiently and effectively integrate RMMV approaches in project portfolios in fragile countries and volatile environments, specifically in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq (Department LEe). These approaches are based on respectively use open source applications and open data. KfW will therefore commission different consultants to work on the overall goal, with individual terms of references (TOR), detailing the respectively required field of expertise. The inputs of the different consultants shall, taken together, form, inter alia, the project-specific RMMV approach of the individual Financial Cooperation (FC) projects in Afghanistan / Pakistan / Iraq. In a first step, KfW has already requested bids from consultants to cover the part “Remote Management Information Systems and Data Analytics”. In the present tender, KfW requests bids from consultants to cover the part “RMMV Guide incl. Toolbox and Market Anaylsis: Update, Extension and Follow-Up”. Requested Consultant services: This part of the required consulting services shall review and update the existing RMMV Guide as well as draft a new introduction to the Guide. In addition, the consultant shall follow-up on the copyright approvals from individual tool suppliers, which were initiated during the 2018 process to arrive at the final Guide, make suggestions for specific ToR for RMMV approaches in FC projects. This Post-qualification for consulting services will be guided by the latest version of the „Guidelines for Assignment of Consultants in Financial Co-operation with Partner Countries“, available on KfW’s website. The services shall be assigned to an independent consultant firm or individual expert(s) with experience/expertise in FC Projects including crisis and conflict context, deep understanding of RMMV approaches in FC crisis and conflict areas, extensive knowledge in market research and benchmarking of ICT hard-and software providers as well as in-depth experience in RMMV tools. The minimum annual turnover of the consultants for the last three years shall be at least EUR 90,000. Further information will be made available upon request by the Tender Agent Dr. Peter Hartig under the following address: ([email protected]; copy to [email protected]).

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