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Organization: RedCastle Resources, Inc.
Title: Remote Sensing Analyst II
Location: Salt Lake City, UT USA

Posted: 2019-06-10
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Position Description:

Company Background:​ RedCastle Resources is a small, employee-friendly company that provides geospatial and information technology support to natural resource management agencies throughout the country and around the world. We specialize in the analysis of remote sensing, ecological, and other geospatial data, focusing on technical expertise and communicating with natural resource managers and other subject matter experts. The majority of our staff provide support through contracts with the USDA Forest Service, assisting National Forests, Regional and Washington Offices, USFS Research, International Programs, and partner federal agencies to use advanced geospatial data and technology for improved mapping, inventorying, and monitoring of natural resources.

Position Description:​ The Remote Sensing Analyst II will work as part of the RedCastle Resources team conducting mapping projects using high and moderate resolution imagery primarily in the western US and Alaska. The individuals will assist in developing and implementing image processing and GIS modeling techniques for developing landscape-level vegetation applications. The mapping process consists of integrating information from vegetation, soils, geology, terrain, and climate to develop and attribute maps of land cover, land cover change, and terrestrial ecological units. Primary responsibilities include using geospatial and nonspatial data for developing mapping concepts and applying concepts across large landscapes of 2-10 million acres. This requires using multispectral imagery, automated pixel and object-oriented image classification techniques, spatial modeling, statistical analysis, and data mining tools. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to work on projects ranging from base-to-broad-scale. Occasional field work or travel is required. The following characteristics are desirable:

● Personal and professional interest in natural resources and the application of geospatial technologies to resource management problems,
● Experience with mapping software such as ERDAS, ArcGIS, eCognition, R, and Google Earth Engine;
● Experience or coursework in python, java script, ArcPy or other scripting languages,
● Background in soils, ecology, forestry, or natural resource management area with knowledge of landscape ecology, geomorphology, vegetation, and field data collection methods;
● Excellent communication skills including technical writing and verbal communication.
● Successful candidates should be self-motivated, demonstrate initiative, be able to work independently, be able to collaborate with resource specialists, and be adaptable to changing client priorities.

Education and Experience: The successful Analyst II candidate will have 2 years experience in remote sensing with good current working knowledge of geospatial software such as ERDAS Imagine, ESRI products (ArcGIS), Definiens eCognition, Google Earth Engine, R, and others. The minimum degree requirement is a BA/BS (preferably a MA/MS) in a natural resource or technical area such as soil science, forestry, biology, geography/GIS, or ecology, with coursework in geospatial technologies.

Salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. This position offers a generous benefits package which includes health and dental insurance, company matching 401K and profit sharing, long term disability insurance, and paid vacation and holidays. A moving allowance may be provided. Submit resume and cover letter to email below.

Email: [email protected]
For additional information, please call (801) 322-5100.
RedCastle Resources, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employe​r

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