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Organization: The Sanborn Map Company, Inc.
Title: Cartographer / GIS Specialist
Location: Lakewood, CO

Posted: 2019-07-17
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Position Description:

Join Sanborn’s award-winning team! Sanborn is looking for a Cartographer / GIS Specialist to work onsite with our federal government client in Lakewood, Colorado where the primary responsibilities of the Cartographer / GIS Specialist will be to assist technical experts in creating, revising, and documenting processes, data quality processes, and metadata, for the 100K mapping program.

The Division of Resource Services produces the 1:100,000 Scale Mapping Series Paper Product for the entire agency. These standard products are available for staff and the public for use in the field. The cartography staff is currently using an ArcGIS environment built on a Windows platform. The first priority of the cartography team is to maintain currency with the Software and Operating systems platforms into the future. This continuous migration requires testing and comparison of digital and printed products from one system to the next. The cartography team is looking to add to the current paper product line with a second product line of digital files accessible for downloading internally for use within the organization. This entails knowledge of cartographic principles and practices along with knowledge of the ArcGIS software and functionality. The position is located in Lakewood, CO

• Bachelor’s degree in Cartography, Geography, GIS, Earth Sciences or related field.
• Minimum of 5 years of directly related intensive and progressive experience

Demonstrate capacity to fulfill the following required skills:
•Extensive knowledge of digital cartography, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and Land Information Systems (LIS) sufficient to ensure that the temporal, positional, thematic definition and data attributing for the emerging systems is met.
• Experience using Geographic Information Systems including basic editing skills. These skills should include the knowledge and use of topological editing processes.
•Demonstrate professional experience of greater than 2 years with a thorough knowledge of the processes and techniques for the design and construction of a variety of complex cartographic materials in an environment of limited source materials.
• Knowledge of scripting tools used to automate processes in ESRI ArcGIS software such as Python or Model Builder
• Demonstrate professional knowledge of the concepts, theories, principles, and practices of both traditional and digital cartography.
• Skill and knowledge sufficient to edit small, intermediate and large scale maps, which in many cases involves the adaptation or modification of existing work practices and procedures from conventional cartographic techniques and practices.
• Knowledge of related scientific disciplines such as geometry, land surveying, remotes sensing, and GIS.
• Knowledge of geographic, state plane, geographic coordinate database (GCDB), UTM grid, and public land survey system (PLSS) adjustments including their mathematical relationships, relative accuracies and use of each.
• Knowledge of Survey and Master Title Plats, their implementation as a graphic tool and their annotations.
• Knowledge and application of mapping specifications, content, and requirements in order to respond to inquiries regarding the information portrayed on or used in cartographic products.

The candidate shall conduct the following tasks:
• Perform as a technical authority in areas of automated cartographic design, compilation, and construction
• Develop a process for GeoPDF creation for the 100K Cartography product line that allows for future migration to newer versions of ESRI Arc software. Current environment for the 100K cartography staff is 10.5.1 with a view toward migration to 10.6 and ArcGIS Pro within the next 12-18 months. If the best practice is a third party tool embedded in the current ESRI software, then the candidate should provide an alternative approach in case the tool is no longer supported
• Create documentation for the process of creating digital map files. The process should be fully documented with step by step processing to allow for both single and multiple map product conversions. The document should include any standards and document / file requirements as developed and defined during the identification of the actual process steps. Optimal file sizes should be established as well as standards for settings and file structure to run the process etc. This should allow users to follow the process and create GeoPDFs on their own. The resulting documented process should include processes for both single map conversion and batch processing for large numbers of map products. The final GeoPDF product should include the map collar so that each map’s legends, disclaimers, and dates are viewable for each title.
• Acquire, compile, process, convert, update, edit, and attribute spatial data files. Use computer technology to acquire digital files and documentation
• Use computer technology for the production of intermediate-scale (100K) National Mapping Program maps, thematic maps, illustrations (printing, on-demand plotting, on-line release) and other graphics (such as Land Status Color Guides, PLSS, special area boundary plots) for both internal map compilation and external off-set printing. Develop and utilize Python and Model Builder program scripts and tools to process digital data files, assign line weights, polygon shades, and place annotation for plotting purposes. Note; Production is conducted in Windows 10 systems, using multiple versions of ArcGIS Software, as well as other supporting hardware and software.
• Work with Data Management group to maintain a comprehensive digital database and metadata for the finished digital map products for use by Cartographers or other customers.
• Edit and maintain cartographic database integrity by ensuring that data input procedures have been followed; and designs procedures for data analysis and retrieval. Creates and maintains metadata for use by others.
• Produce any additional documentation as appropriate to complete the effort as required by the 100K digital map production process and as directed.
• Attend regular meetings to review work progress and schedule.
• Submit weekly report which summarizes finished and ongoing tasks.

The following forms and inquiries, or their equivalent, will be used to initiate the credentialing process:
•OPM Standard Form 85 or 85P
•National Criminal History Check (NCHC)
•Release to Obtain Credit Information
•PIV card application

If selected to fill the position, a candidate would be required to pass a drug screen and satisfy the requirements of a National Criminal History Check (NCHC) to verify the identity of the individual applying for clearance and to determine the individual’s suitability for the position.

Applicant must be a U.S. citizen.

Sanborn offers a comprehensive health and wellness program which includes medical, dental, vision, 401k, holiday, PTO, EAP, disability and life insurance benefits.

TO APPLY: Visit our website: to apply for this position. Sanborn is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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