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Organization: VETRO FiberMap
Title: GIS Analyst - Data Conversion
Location: Buffalo, NY

Posted: 2019-11-26
Application Deadline:

Position Description:

VETRO FiberMap is looking to fill a new GIS Analyst/Technician/Data Conversion position to execute on a growing workload of geodata creation and conversion projects. The job may include some digitizing, but also a whole lot of problem solving and mastering the transcription and conversion of inbound source data into meaningful map-based information. The data sources vary from scanned engineering drawings, to CAD files, GIS files, Spatial Databases, Google Earth files, get the picture.

To succeed in this role you need to be confident and very comfortable in any number of desktop GIS worlds, be able to take a data puzzle and stick with it until it is solved. And then be willing to document the process and return to perfect and automate it. You should be highly organized, able to recognize patterns in messy data, and love to learn new tech. SQL Queries should be familiar at least.

The duties include:
- Serving as technical staff on geospatial data research, compilation, standardization, development, and conversion projects;
- Implementing QA procedures;
- Designing and implementing Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) workflows;
- Address data parsing, standardization, Geocoding;
- Database schema design and data normalization to support data maintenance and application requirements;
- Editing geospatial data sets in PostgreSQL/PostGIS using Desktop GIS tools;
- Contributing to our application development team by preparing data and map services for web mapping applications;

The ideal candidate will have 2+ years of professional experience and at least a Bachelors degree in Geography/GIS or related or equivalent work experience. Desired skills and experience:
- Utilities data management, especially telecommunications
- Familiarity with mobile data collection tools/platforms
- ETL using FME or similar
- Proven ability to be a team player in a small company environment
- Database skills
- Desktop GIS tool mastery; QGIS, MapInfo Pro, or ArcGIS
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Bonus points for crossover experience in;
- Web development, especially with open source geospatial tools
- Server administration and devops, especially Amazon EC2
- GIS Training or customer facing role

This is a full time salaried position with competitive compensation based on experience. VETRO FiberMap offers a quality total benefits package and a collaborative, creative and flexible work environment.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, visit and if you are a great fit please send a resume to: [email protected]

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