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Organization: Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services
Title: GIS Programmer Analyst
Location: Helena, MT

Posted: 2020-01-06
Application Deadline: 2020-01-24

Position Description:

This position will lead geographic information systems (GIS) projects for the Family and Community Health Bureau, including projects specific to the Maternal Health Innovation Grant. The GIS Programmer/Analyst will be responsible for developing geospatial products that integrate the bureau and agencies data sources related to maternal, infant, child, and adolescent populations (e.g. birth and death records, FCHB program participation, reports of child abuse and neglect, hospital discharge data) with an emphasis on identifying geographic patterns to adverse health outcomes and service shortage areas.

The GIS Programmer/Analyst is responsible for all aspects of developing, maintaining, and disseminating the content of the agency’s geographic information systems (GIS) databases, web resources, and related applications. The position’s duties include overseeing GIS system administration, data management, application development, technical consulting, training, data analysis, mapping application development, map production and cross-division and cross-agency collaboration and support.

The GIS Programmer/Analyst serves as an interface between functional users and technical resources, ensuring GIS architecture, application design, and management are aligned with business needs while providing robust, scalable, efficient, and coordinated services that comply with state and agency policies. Overall support and coordination with the FCHB Programs is responsibility of this position.

Major Duties or Responsibilities:
•Data and Systems Development and Management
•Participates as a lead on the development of data delivery systems and end user tools.
•Conducts analysis for new computerized GIS applications, enhancements to existing applications, maintenance, and correction of bugs or defects.
•Determines the feasibility of automation and makes recommendations to management for solutions that will effectively meet informational and user requirements.
•Participates in all aspects of system design, development, and implementation activities; enhances code to make the code more efficient and effective.
•Assesses interrelationships between available databases, data sources, and users’ intended use of the data; determines the most effective methods for acquiring data or establishing links to new data sources; enters data into Geographic Information Systems (GIS) databases.
•Coordinates the design of spatial datasets and databases to ensure efficient and effective collection, conversion, access, and analysis of geographic resource data for all user types.
•Coordinates quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC), data conversions, maintenance, and troubleshooting; ensures compatibility, consistency, and effective integration with other DPHHS systems.
•Actively monitors and evaluates new technologies, resource information management strategies, industry trends, system capabilities, limitations, and requirements; researches appropriate new information and makes recommendations for integration into Section business practices.
•Serves in a lead capacity on technical teams for GIS application development and infrastructure design, including development of GIS architecture, data management, development processes, coding, testing, documentation, migration of GIS applications to the production environment, security, and maintenance standards.
•Identifies agency and end-user requirements, goals and constraints; recommends technical and process solutions; develops and implements GIS application specifications.

Data Analysis and Processing
•Documents spatial and tabular attribute definitions and criteria, data development methods, data querying processes, and automated and customized procedures. Manages data types as assigned.
•Conducts advanced statistical and spatial analyses of tabular and geospatial data to provide analytical products to address and inform FCHB management questions, decisions, and actions.
•Performs geospatial data building and modeling using advanced spatial analysis, and data manipulation, including the use of scripting languages such as Python to automate repetitive tasks.
•Designs, develops, and implements processes to automate geospatial analyses and produce cartographic products depicting the analyses.

Coordination and Support
•Coordinates between Divisions and Data Services to ensure priority GIS and Data Management needs of the Divisions are met. Advises and demonstrates to Agency staff the utility of data management and GIS technology so they understand those capabilities and how to leverage them to meet Agency goals and objectives.
•Designs or prepares graphic representations of GIS data, using ESRI software applications; develops and/modifies computer programs.
•Assists in DPHHS planning initiatives including soliciting, reviewing and finalizing project priorities from the Divisions, on an agreed upon schedule.
•Provides technical support to Division users of GIS databases, equipment, or applications and aids and support for demonstrations at meetings or other relevant gatherings.
•Leads, trains, or supervises technicians or related staff in the conduct of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analytical procedures.

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