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Organization: Avenu Insights/Solano County, CA
Title: GIS Analyst
Location: Fairfield, CA

Posted: 2021-01-14
Application Deadline:

Position Description:

GIS Analyst
Full Time
Solano County, CA
Requisition ID: 1384

Job Summary:

ArcGIS Online and Enterprise, including applications (Collector for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Field Maps, Web App Builder, Story Maps, etc.) 
ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Desktop 
Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. 
Microsoft Power Automate 
Useful to have: basic Python scripting 
Duties and Responsibilities:

Communicate with various county department stakeholders to assess needs for geospatial data and applications.  
Document scope of work for projects and submit for evaluation to ensure that customers receive the products that best suit their needs 
Use ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise to create web mapping applications for various county departments 
Create information dashboards, web mapping applications, and story maps to communicate data to the public and internal stakeholders 
Empower users to filter, query, and subset data. Enable report generation in web mapping applications. 
Utilize Survey 123 to create forms for data collection 
Create editable maps for ArcGIS Collector and ArcGIS Field Maps applications 
Build workflows in ModelBuilder and ArcGIS Notebooks to automate routine workflows 
Create and print paper maps to be used in jury trials, presentations, etc. 
Provide detailed documentation of projects to ensure that they are reproducible 
Curate geospatial data in an existing SDE database, ensuring that it comes from an authoritative source, also adding metadata that aligns to Solano County standards 
Develop internal training materials for basic use of GIS, intended for county staff in various departments. Deliver trainings with in-person and online modes of attendance. 
Administer organization by building and maintaining collaborations between ArcGIS portals, assigning and changing licenses as requested, and keeping track of licenses. 
During emergencies, work in the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to deliver mapping solutions quickly to the Office of Emergency Services (OES) 
Perform other duties as required for a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analyst.
Work with other Department of Information Technology GIS Analysts in a team environment.

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