Job Detail

Organization: City of Sioux City
Title: Student Intern - Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Location: Sioux City, IA USA

Posted: 2021-02-03
Application Deadline: 2021-05-01

Position Description:

The City of Sioux Cityís Geographic Information Systems (GIS) division has an exciting opening for a Student Intern position who has a desire to pursue knowledge of the methods, practices and techniques involved in records management, GIS, ESRI, ArcGIS, versioning, editing spatial and non-spatial objects, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Structured Query Syntax (SQL), LiDAR, Geoprocessing Toolsets, ModelBuilder, programming (e.g. python), Google Street View and aerial interpretation.

A cover letter is required for the candidate to demonstrate interest in pursuing a GIS career with focus on cartography, geography, civil engineering, GIS or equivalent combination of related experience providing the required knowledge, skills and abilities.

Knowledge of utility assets with focus on sanitary, storm and water and demonstrated proficiency in GIS software products is a plus, but not required.

Candidate must possess a valid driverís license.

The duration of employment will last during the studentís summer break until they return to school or up to 8 Ĺ weeks.

Work hours are Monday through Friday 8:00AM - 4:30PM. If student is actively enrolled in school during this internship, work hours will be flexible but must provide proof of coursework.

Goals and Objectives:
1. Will become familiar with city government divisions and how each interact acquiring knowledge related to workflow with specific focus on Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and record keeping policy.
2. Will become familiar with how the city relies on GIS spanning sources from records in hard copy and digital form. Will become familiar with their storage from physical cabinets to digital libraries and will become knowledgeable of the cityís data models both spatial and non-spatial, data types, feature datasets, feature classes, geometric networks and others within various geodatabases including an enterprise solution.
3. Will become familiar with the GIS land base system Beacon and related data model.
4. Will become familiar with the cityís imagery and how it supports the divisions workflow. Work with imagery spanning from the year 1938 to present times stored in a variety of formats. Will interpret objects from imagery to understand how city Right of Ways (ROW) change with time, differentiate objects related to manholes, valves, utility poles et al.
5. Will become familiar with the cityís utility asset as related to sanitary, storm, water and relationship to data models like that of ESRIís Local Government Information Model (LGIM).
6. Utilize ArcMap to edit spatial, nonspatial data and update attributes.
7. A primary objective will be to assist the GIS Division in geo-referencing utility record drawings with the aid of ArcMap learning best practices while encapsulating 40+ imagery sources and other geospatial layers.
8. Will become familiar with how record drawings were created spanning from current days back to late 1800ís.
9. Will become familiar with GPS and how it compliments and sustains our GIS database.
10. Will become familiar with ArcGIS Online and how it supports the city requirements.

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