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Organization: Rubicon Concierge
Title: QGIS Cartographer (100% remote)
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Posted: 2021-03-02
Application Deadline:

Position Description:

$25 hour. All work is 100% remote.

I am looking for 1 or perhaps multiple map finishers. Project files (QGIS), scripts (Python, SQL) and data (Geopackage and PostGIS) will be provided for a script-generated map. Your job will be to finish it. This involves adjusting labels, symbiology, downloading graphics and making minor modifications to script files.

Initially, the job will pay $25/hour. Each map will take 2 to 4 hours. As I discover how long these jobs will take I'll switch to a per-project set fee. All work will be using QGIS 3.16 LTR (No exceptions!!!)

I'm looking for mappers who are responsive, who ask lots of questions and provide a quick turnaround.

Let me know what you have done with QGIS. If you've worked with Python or SQL let me know that too. Those skills are not required, but they are appreciated.

We are going to start off with multiple maps (2-5) per week and we will be ramping up pretty quickly (in the next few months).

This is not full time (at least initially), but this is a great opportunity for someone who wants gig work, but does not want to drive a car service.

If interested:
- provide your resume
- tell me your availability
- provide work examples
- Answer the following riddle (purely voluntary):

You walk 10 miles south.
You see a tree.
You walk 10 miles west.
You see a bear.
You turn north and walk another 10 miles and you are back where you started from.

What color was the bear?

If interested you can apply by emailing David Galt at [email protected]

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