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Organization: World Cocoa Foundation
Title: Design of a Global CNA and CAP online GIS mapping platform
Location: Washington, DC

Posted: 2021-04-08
Application Deadline:

Position Description:

General Description
Established in 2000, the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) is the world’s leading organization for cocoa sustainability. The long-term goals of WCF are set out in our new strategy:
• Prosperous cocoa farmers become truly sustainable and profitable, with transformation of traditional smallholder farming into modern business that deliver sustainable livelihoods for farmers and their families;
• Empowered cocoa-growing communities lead their own development, human rights are protected, and safety and wellbeing of children and families are strengthened; and
• A healthy planet is conserved and enhanced, with resilient and biodiverse landscapes in cocoa geographies, and the carbon footprint of the sector is reduced.

WCF works in six areas:
1. Convene cocoa and chocolate industry in collective action – to build an aligned, motivated, and knowledgeable membership engaged in collective action;
2. Facilitate multi-stakeholder partnerships – to engage and leverage the knowledge, financing, skills, and power of different stakeholders to jointly identify and solve key sustainability challenges in the cocoa sector;
3. Facilitate industry engagement in policy dialogue with government – to identify and address key barriers in the enabling business and policy environment in cocoa producing countries;
4. Promote industry learning, knowledge sharing, and monitoring and evaluation – in order to identify industry-wide lessons learned and good practices to accelerate science, innovation and impact within companies and across the sector, and strengthen transparency and accountability of industry results and performance;
5. Help mobilize resources from development partners and financial and capital market institutions – to leverage the additional financing that industry will require to successfully implement collective action initiatives; and,
6. Communicate industry investment and impact and manage reputational risks – to showcase industry’s sustainability efforts and results while identifying and proactively managing risks, particularly related to human rights and environment.

WCF is a membership organization open to private sector companies engaged in all aspects of the cocoa supply chain. WCF is headquartered in Washington, D.C., with offices in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire. WCF has an annual budget of about $9 million and a staff of about 40 people.

It is the policy of WCF to provide equal opportunity to all qualified employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, covered veteran’s status, personal appearance, gender identity or expression, political affiliation, family responsibilities, genetic information, matriculation, or any other basis or characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law.

Context and Approach
As part of the Community Development Acceleration workplan and considering the priority of Community Needs Assessments (CNA) and Community Action Planning (CAP) in the Empowered Communities pillar of the WCF Pathway, the WCF SD team is planning to develop a global data set and interactive GIS interface that will foster and support WCF members to deliver high quality and impactful CNA’s and CAP’s effectively and efficiently across the cocoa landscape in Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire. The objectives of this data set and GIS interface are:

1. To identify geographic areas where multiple companies are working on CNA’s and CAP’s to avoid duplication and allow resource optimization and convene pre-competitive sustainability program collaboration
2. Ensure alignment of company CNA’s and CAP’s planned development outcomes with Government jurisdictional development plans and priorities and local infrastructure standards
3. Ensure that CAPs are relevant, realistic, sufficiently costed, resource mobilization plans are in place to find the required funds, and to track the level of CAP funding over time
4. Ensure that CNAs end up with completed CAPs
5. Make information on WCF member activities and achievements on CNAs and CAPs available to other actors

WCF would like to contract, through a competitive bidding process, a consultant to develop an online map platform based on the requirements listed below and utilizing some existing data gathered from a survey completed by member companies on their CNA and CAP activities, as well as several other data sources (also listed in the requirements).

As a requirement, this platform should include:
For Users:
• Can see (updated annually):
Layer 1:
o Geographical location (via GPS point) of CNAs and CAPs per national jurisdiction
o CNA completion date and CAP initiation date or last update
o Cocoa Company involved in each geolocated CNA & CAP
o Cocoa Cooperative or Farmers Group involved in each geolocated CNA & CAP
o Development outcomes identified for CAP
o Activities planned, being implemented, or implemented
o Budget required (Full cost of CAP)
o Resource mobilization plan (Y/N)
o Funding amount achieved to date
Layer 2: Jurisdictions (polygons)
o Jurisdictional development plan
o Jurisdictional development priorities and requirements
o Social infrastructure standards and blueprints
o Geospatial location (GPS point) of Governmental development jurisdictional sectoral bodies (the main office per sub-prefecture)

• Can do (dynamic report – will require company permissions for views /edits on some private company data):
o View maps online
o See where CNA/CAP priorities overlap with Gov priorities and jurisdictional dev plans
o See where CNA’s are complete, but no CAPs implemented
o See CAP funding achieved to date compared to cost
o See CAP’s with no resource mobilization plan
o Filter (CNA, CAP, both, CNA completion year, CAP initiation year, company)

For administrators
Layer 1: For company members (will require company permissions for views /edits on some private company data)
o Upload new CNA & CAP data
o Update CNA & CAP data
o Download thematic maps (based on different analyses and views referenced above.) (PDF)
o Download CAP (PDF)
o Change password
Layer 2: For WCF staff
o Update Jurisdictional boundaries, development plans, priorities, and requirements
o Update social infrastructure standards and blueprints
o Generate login and password for users and administrators
o Clean and validate all data received and any changes waiting in the security room
A kind of security room is needed to have a look (WCF Staff) on the updated data shared by company members before users can view it.

Scope of Work and deliverables
The main tasks and outputs of the consultant will be to:
• Develop and deploy an online map interface with required layers, filters, and export functionality in WCF’s ArcGIS online account or other relevant out of the box subscription-based GIS mapping product
• Create a web portal to upload, update, share CNA and CAP data
• Develop a user manual for use of the platform on the front end and back end
• Create permission enabled and password protected views for users (each company has their own view plus a global view) and administrators
• Load all required initial data as per requirements, includes GPS coordinates, admin boundaries, etc.
• The organization of overall testing
• The update of the product after testing
• Deliver training to users and admin

The consultant will have to work in close collaboration with WCF Social Development and M&E teams.

The application will have to be developed in English.

WCF advocates for multi-stakeholder partnerships, alignment of public and private investments, policy dialogue, joint learning and knowledge sharing to achieve transformative change in the cocoa supply chain. As such, the information we receive from company members are confidential. Therefore, the consultant will agree not to use the data received for personal purposes or even share it and will need to sign an NDA.

Required Skills
The consultant must meet the following technical requirements:
• GIS expertise; a minimum of 8 years practical experience and preferably at least a Bachelor of Science in GIS
• Experience programming online mapping platforms such as ArcGIS Online
• Experience designing and delivering training
• Experience creating user manuals
• IT Project management experience and experience organizing and overseeing testing
• Have a high sense of results and respect for deadlines
• Ability to work under pressure in a multicultural environment

Evaluation Process:
A technical evaluation of submitted proposals will be conducted by WCF to shortlist applicants. Key components that will be assessed are:
• GIS expertise (25 points)
• Technical expertise in the design of online map products; most likely using ArcGIS online (20 points)
• Relevance of the proposed methodology (20 points)
• Guiding documents development experience (10 points)
• Training experience (10 points)
• Cost (15 points)

Proposal Submission
• Simple mockup of proposed architecture and approach and cost for full implementation
• The consultant is requested to submit a Word version in English
• Applications must be uploaded to
• Please email any questions to [email protected] copying [email protected]
• The contractor will be expected to execute a service and non-disclosure agreement with WCF.

Duration of the Consultancy and Work Schedule
The consultancy is to be completed within 25 working days. The consultancy will be completed no later than June 10th 2021.
Actions # of Working Days Starting up Date
Competitive Bidding application 15 April 7th 2021
Selection of the consultant 7 April 16th 2021
Notification of the selected consultant 1 April 19th 2021
Introduction: meeting between the selected consultant and WCF staff; contracting 5 April 23rd 2021
Development of the tool 10 May 7th 2021
Presentation of the 1st draft 1 May 10th 2021
WCF Testing & First Feedback on the tool (no consultant effort required) 3 May 14th 2021
Feedback incorporated 4 May 20th
UAT (User Acceptance Testing) & Feedback (no consultant effort required) 5 May 27th 2021
Feedback incorporated & Presentation of the second draft 4 June 2nd 2021
Remaining updates made
Reporting, use and maintenance guide drafting 5 June 9th 2021
Presentation of the final version and Training of the SD team on the use, monitoring and maintenance of the online platform 1 June 10th 2021

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