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Organization: Professional Technology Integration, Inc.
Title: Geospatial Technical Specialist (Ref: 8949)
Location: Harrisburg, PA 17101

Posted: 2021-07-02
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Duration: 11 Months 28 Days - Contract
Openings: 1
Deadline: 07/08/2021
Pay Rate: $61.53/hr.
We are seeking a Senior Geospatial Applications Technical Specialist with more than 12 years relevant experience with specialized knowledge in geospatial technologies and services. The new system will be geo-enabled: it will leverage the use of address points and county-based precinct GIS map layers in the system.

The candidate will employ data standardization and other considerations necessary to create a GIS map layer and address point database, supports governance activities for data sharing and service delivery, project assignments associated with this position involve a wide variety of business operations and development and deployment technologies.

Position Duties:
• An organized structure for data management
• A common map coordinate system used by all counties within the state.
• The GIS precinct layer boundary aligns with the statewide county boundary layer.
• The layers include a defined standard attribute name for the precinct name and code.
• A unique precinct layer file name is used for identifying the county within the state.
• The precinct file is generated and delivered in GeoJSON or Shapefile format
• A mutually agreed format is established for map layers to be output from each count’s local GIS system.
• Perform requirements gathering and documentation.
• Develop and present mapping application design concepts.
• Configure and maintain address verification and geocoding services.
• Configure ArcGIS software and database based on requirements and approved design concept.
• Follow the software development lifecycle methodology.
• Adhere to enterprise processes (i.e., Incident, Change, Release)
• Complete documentation and deployment procedures
• Deploy software configuration throughout multiple environments (i.e., staging, production)
• Develop test scripts, test, and coordinate user acceptance testing across team members.
• Anticipate, identify, track, and resolve software configuration issues.
• Work with necessary personnel to determine if modifications are needed.
• Work with team members to ensure solution meets business requirements.
• Determine time estimates and schedule for software quality review work and conduct reviews according to schedule.
• Work with team members to ensure solution meets business requirements.

Required / Desired Skills
• Subject matter expert knowledge on ArcGIS software architecture – functionality, components, database, and design (Required 12 Years)
• 4 year college degree or equivalent technical study (Highly Desired 4 Years)
• Experience with ArcGIS configuration and implementation in an enterprise environment (Required 10 Years)
• Working with software developers in a team environment (Required 10 Years)
• Requirements gathering and documentation (Required 10 Years)
• Ability to work with multiple team members in a fast paced work (Highly Desired 1 Years)
• Excellent communication skills – oral and written (Highly Desired 1 Years)
• Knowledge and understanding of software configuration, software development methodology, best practices, principles, and techniques (Highly Desired 1 Years)
• Microsoft Office knowledge – ability to create documents, spreadsheets, project plans (Required 8 Years)
• Knowledge of tools unique to GIS including ArcGIS, ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Server, Portal for ArcGIS, ArcSDE, ArcGIS extensions, ArcGIS API (Required 10 Years)
• Knowledge of Visual Studio, SQL Server, and Windows Server environments. (Nice to Have 1 Years)
• Knowledge of file geodatabases and spatial data concepts. (Required 10 Years)

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