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Organization: City of Asheville
Title: Software Engineer
Location: Asheville, NC

Posted: 2021-07-16
Application Deadline:

Position Description:

We are currently hiring a full-time Sr. Software Engineer to deliver business technology and consulting services for internal customers and to work with the community to deliver technology solutions that improve engagement between the community and city government.

The position will support the development of City-wide data infrastructure and APIs that support web applications, reporting and open data. The position will also support and maintain a limited portfolio of custom applications (see and ). In all of this work, we focus on using cloud computing and modern application infrastructure, resulting in faster, more resilient services that are usable by a much more diverse population. Since GIS is a keystone of City operations and an important tool for equitable community engagement, familiarity with GIS is a plus.

We believe in focusing on work that matters and work that positively impacts our community. To that end, the values behind our work include a commitment to equity and inclusion, transparency and easy access to data and services, and accessibility.

As part of the City’s Business and Public Technology team within IT Services, the ideal candidate will have strong analytical skills, be a creative problem solver, have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and will be curious, self-motivated, dedicated to continuous learning, and highly adaptable. The ideal candidate will enjoy a wide variety of work and embrace change. They will interact regularly with colleagues and customers and will be both an independent contributor and work on a team.

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