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Organization: New Jersey American Water
Title: GIS Analyst
Location: Camden, NJ

Posted: 2022-04-20
Application Deadline:

Position Description:

Primary Role:
Responsible for gathering, converting, analyzing, and reporting of GIS data; preparing and updating maps and exhibits with GIS data sets; maintaining utility asset records; and using GIS data, applications, and
tools to identify and solve problems for the engineering and operations departments.

Key Accountabilities:
Operate computer workstation to update maps as new data is received relative to new subdivisions, developments, capital improvement projects, zoning requirements, and other projects and coverages.
Convert data collected from field operations into GIS database with proper and accurate spatial location.
Assure consistency with company- wide standards and practices for data conversion, data maintenance and upgrades. (35%)
Generate and distribute timely standard reports, utility pipe network system and thematic maps.
Maintain up-to-date asset data inventory and asset records for GIS-related assets and maintain linkages between databases for efficient and accurate reporting.
Coordinate timing of updates and corrections with district personnel to ensure maps, databases and reports are accurate and up-to-date. (25%)
Utilize GIS for analysis of spatial data, perform routine analyses optimizing use of various company data sets, and perform limited research using government or other outside sources as directed by supervisor to support engineering and operations needs.
Present results through clear, concise thematic maps with well-documented sources and metadata. (20%)
Continue to develop expertise in GIS. Participate in workshops, training, or vendor presentations introducing evolving GIS technology, new products and upgrades. (10%)
Assist in development of GIS standard practices and procedures.
Participate on user committees within AW for sharing GIS expertise.
Participate in pilot testing phase of upgrades and new product rollouts as needed and provide feedback for optimizing implementation efficiency. (10%)

Solid foundation of GIS methodologies, ESRI software, geocoding techniques, data model formats, and data conversion practices.
Knowledge of GIS workflows, including remote sensing, GPS, desktop mapping, web and database applications and GIS interoperability.
Knowledge of geocoding, address matching, topology interpolation of linear and non-linear data and relational databases preferred.
Skills: Detail oriented to conduct thorough analyses and evaluations, render and implement timely decisions and recommendations.
Ability to handle multiple projects and deadlines.
Good communications skills. Thoroughly proficient computer skills.
Previous experience with operating UAV's and processing UAV data is a plus.
Familiarity with working in a versioned geometric network environment.

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