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Organization: ZWORLD GIS
Title: GIS Technician
Location: Santa Barbara, California

Posted: 2022-08-15
Application Deadline:

Position Description:

Class Salary Range: $41,520 - $50,064


The GIS Technician performs standard entry-level paraprofessional work compiling, verifying, maintaining and inputting information into multiple databases; utilizes Geographic Information System (GIS) software and hardware to digitize and enter data. Position performs entry level Information Technology (IT) technical work supporting desktop, legacy systems, databases, and GIS functions. The GIS Technician also generates schematics, maps, and graphic presentations in order to support company and/or client operations and applications. Position performs related duties as required.

The main responsibilities for the GIS Technician revolve around collecting, translating, and maintaining data within multiple databases. A GIS Technician may perform basic geographic analysis and map production under well established guidelines where work is under continual review. GIS Technician works closely with the GIS Analyst position and can assist in working with more complex types of data, which involves using multiple analysis techniques to generate geospatial data and products. In addition, the GIS Technician works with clients and customers to assess their needs, provide information or assistance, resolve their problems, or satisfy their expectations. The GIS Technician learns, applies, and maintains proficiency in various hardware and software technology used by the company as well as becomes knowledgeable on the various products and services the company provides.

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