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Organization: ZWORLD GIS
Title: Geospatial Information Systems Supervisor
Location: Santa Barbara, California (Hybrid)

Posted: 2022-10-22
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Position Description:

Geospatial Information Systems Supervisor

Under general direction, plans, organizes, and supervises the GIS program of the Company; supervises professional and technical staff; performs complex mapping duties; performs project management duties; provides customer service and client support engagement; and performs related duties as required.

GIS Supervisor is a working supervisor. Both GIS Supervisor and GIS Analyst prepare and maintain complex maps, reports, aerial photographs, graphic presentations, and/or ownership records in order to support Company and Client operations and decision-making. However, GIS Supervisor is distinguished from GIS Analyst by its overall responsibility for the effective operation of the Company GIS program function/unit, including the evaluation of staff.

GIS Supervisor independently performs responsible supervisory work in support of the Company Geographic Information System and other management goals and objectives. Assignments are typically received in terms of expected outcomes and incumbents are expected to act independently to develop required information, including selecting approach and required resources, and to provide sound professional recommendations to Company management.

Guidelines, Difficulty and Decision Making Level:

Guidelines are generally numerous, well established and directly applicable to the Company GIS program. Work assignment and desired results are explained by general oral or written instructions. Duties assigned are generally diverse and allow for innovation and creativity to achieve desired results. GIS Supervisor primarily applies Company policies, practices, procedures, and ensures customer satisfaction. Decisions or recommendations on non-standardized situations are considered by the GIS Supervisor to relating organizational policies and specific cases.

Level of Supervision Received and Quality Review:

Under normal supervision, within a standardized work situation, the GIS Supervisor performs duties common to the line of work without close supervision or detailed instruction.

Interpersonal Communications and Purpose:

Contacts with the company clients or employees where explanatory or interpretive information is exchanged gathered or presented. Some degree of discretion and judgment are required within the parameters of the job function.

Level of Supervision Exercised:

Direct Supervisor to Company GIS staff


· Plans day-to-day activities of GIS unit staff; assigns work to and evaluates the performance of professional and technical staff; selects staff; provides training and technical development to staff; and assists with Company internship plans.

· Establishes and implements mapping standards, procedures, and protocols; establishes performance standards and measures performance; plans for the development, modification, enhancement, and implementation of mapping related software; and learns and applies new technology software.

· Coordinates GIS activities with other Company functions/units, clients, and outside agencies; serves as contact for Company GIS program; oversee and coordinates contracts with commercial vendors and subcontractors; and prepares and monitor’s GIS program budget, including assigning and monitoring program/project costs.

· Prepares and maintains a variety of complex maps, digital geo-spatial datasets, aerial imagery, property descriptions, and/or ownership records; meets with users to define data needs, GIS project requirements, and required outputs; conducts research to locate and obtain existing databases; designs, updates, and creates databases; gathers, analyzes, integrates, and converts spatial data into cartographic products using GIS software; and determines how information can best be displayed using GIS, Web Map applications, or other complex mapping technology.

· Oversee the Company Information Technology (IT) unit and coordinates IT services and routine upgrades related to servicing hardware and software assets and systems.

· Interprets and explains laws, procedures, and technical aspects of map preparation and spatial data assessment to Company staff.

· Analyzes tasks and procedures and develops applications to be used internally and by other Company function/units for querying and analysis of data within the Company geospatial databases.

· Communicate directly with clients, vendors, and project/program stakeholders.

· Learns, applies, and maintains proficiency in professional knowledge of operational areas related to assignment, including new rules, regulations, laws, or local/state ordinances.

· Project plan development, outlining the team’s approach to geospatial objectives, including the generation of timelines and flowcharts illustrating the process.

· Creating monthly status reports and conduct in-progress review meetings.

· Manage a team of GIS staff to mentor and develop their professional/technical skills and capability.

· Take a direct role in the design and development of the Company GIS program.


1. Graduation from a four-year college or university with a major in GIS or Geography related degree or,

2.Three years of experience performing duties equivalent to GIS Supervisor; or,

3.A combination of training, education, and /or experience that is equivalent to one of the employment standards listed above and that provides the required knowledge and abilities.

Knowledge of: Principles, instruments, terminology, standards, and techniques used in spatial data development, capture, and maintenance; coordinate geometry used in spatial data production, including computation of distances, angles, areas, and traverses; graphic techniques of layout, presentation, reproduction of maps and graphics; concepts of effective organization and display of thematic data and maps; terminology and methods of support utility GIS systems (water, sewer, and storm drain); integration of spatial data into third party systems and applications; principles of Public Works GIS applications; principles of leadership and team management; principles of global positioning systems and best practices for field collection; principles of programming logic related to GIS and relational database management system (RDMS) software platforms; and principles of GIS hardware and software installation, testing, and operation.

Ability to: Apply principles and practices of supervision; train and develop GIS staff; assign work to, review the work of, train subordinate staff, identify and address performance issues with GIS staff; establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees, company clients, company subcontractors, other agencies, and the general public; successfully manage projects from start to finish; communicate effectively with staff, clients, and vendors; provide problem mitigation and create win/win outcomes, establish fiscal responsibility, identify aspects of workflow improvement and implement innovative solutions; asses client needs and generate product/service proposals; conduct field data collection; provide executive summary progress/update reports, graphics, presentations; assist with fiscal budget management; oversee Information Technology (IT) services to support the Company GIS program; provide excellent customer service; and deploy/monitor Esri products and services.

Desirable Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Geography or other physical or natural science; coursework or familiarity in public works infrastructure, coordinate geometry, global positioning systems, graphic arts, spatial data analysis, geodatabase implementation and maintenance, engineering plans and documents, leadership skills, project management, Esri product line and geospatial solutions.

Class Salary Range: $72,280 - $81,280

Benefit Package Includes:

Health Insurance

Dental Insurance

Company 401(k)

Wellness Program Allowance

80 hours of Vacation Pay

40 hours of Sick Pay

Bereavement Pay

Holiday Pay

Flex Schedule

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