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Organization: Vance County, North Carolina
Title: GIS Administrator
Location: Henderson, NC

Posted: 2022-12-21
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GIS Administrator
Department: Information Technology
Job Status: Full-Time
Shift: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Days Worked: Mon., Tue., Wed., Thu., Fri.
Status: Accepting Applications
Details: Salary $54,142-$58,000, negotiable based on experience. Position is Open Until Filled.

The GIS Administrator performs responsible technical GIS/mapping work as a part of the County’s IT Department; develops updates and maintains maps and mapping data for taxation and assessment purposes, public safety, planning, elections and other departments. An employee in this class maintains and updates the GIS system including adding new data to the system, validating and rectifying data discrepancies, developing new data layers, producing maps, charts, graphs and reports, consulting with county departments on GIS data needs and training other staff in basic GIS usage. Position will be primarily responsible for updating tax maps and tax records to ensure consistency and requires knowledge of deeds, plats, and related legal documents. Work requires considerable technical knowledge of geographic information systems and of the County’s GIS system hardware, software applications and related peripherals. Tact, courtesy, and firmness must be exercised in dealing with surveyors, developers and the general public. Work is performed under regular supervision and is evaluated through conferences, periodic review of projects and reports, annual performance reviews and feedback from customers and the general public.

• Creates and maintains GIS tax parcels and updates tax software to reflect changes in mapped parcels (Land Records Mapping).
• Assists with creation of an address point file, maintains address points, and assists planning department and E-911 in assigning addresses.
• Creates, maintains, and updates the county’s GIS data layers including street centerlines, emergency services boundaries, zoning, utilities, and others.
• Produces maps for assistance in planning presentations and for use by county departments, outside agencies and the public as necessary.
• Conducts GIS operating system maintenance, makes changes to system and performs upgrades and data backups.
• Assists in the evaluation of hardware and software for the county’s GIS function and recommends additional hardware, software and digital map layers as needed; collects budgetary information on necessary technology upgrades.
• Utilizes GPS technology in collecting, creating, and maintaining county mapping layers.
• Maintains web applications for Tax, 911, Elections, and Planning departments.
• Develops ArcGIS Online web applications for GIS users and county departments.
• Performs GIS maintenance, analysis, data research as needed. Assists county employees on GIS systems and GPS software and data collection.
• Provides technical to support to all departments that utilize GIS services.
• Creates custom maps as requested for county staff, contractors, and citizens.
• Write python scripts to customize/automate GIS data and web services.
• Performs other related duties as assigned.

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