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Position Detail

Organization: Capital One
Title: GIS Developer - Back End
Location: McLean, VA
Application Deadline:
Posted: 2017-02-22

Position Description:

The GIS Back-End Developer position is a crucial component of the GIS Development team in Capital One’s Location Analytics & Standards pod. This role requires an energetic and passionate individual who seeks to add value and constantly refines the development approach to improve the products we maintain.

A core responsibility of the role is to work with GIS analysts and data scientists to identify workflows that produce answers to geospatial questions and convert the workflows to deliverable, customized tools that can be adapted and maintained in operational scenarios.

The back-end developer will also be responsible for working with data analysts and managers to help maintain a series of production services, containing data that has passed quality control and has been thoroughly documented for purpose and structure.

This role demands a results-driven approach that emphasizes the production of a tangible product. The back-end developer must be able to not only discuss how a project should work, but also be able to execute on the formulated plans to produce tangible, deliverable products that add value to the team and the organization.

Research and continuous development of new approaches are encouraged – with ample opportunity to become involved in the latest technologies through attendance to development conferences and training sessions.


Development of desktop-based applications that can be leveraged as ArcGIS Desktop python toolboxes or geoprocessing tasks.

Development of python-based solutions that can be leveraged by analysts to help address questions pertaining to location analysis or trade area development.

Development of data management tools and scripts to retrieve data sources for production and updating of authoritative data in an enterprise geodatabase.

Administration of an SDE enterprise geodatabase containing production-level feature classes that are leveraged by an ArcGIS Server and Portal platform.

Documentation of processes and workflows to help convey information to users of different levels of expertise.

Attendance in sprint and management meetings to provide routine updates in work progress.

Delivery of products within expected timelines and prompt identification of impediments that may impose risks on documented plans.

Technology Stack:

Python – Standard Library, Arcpy, Pandas, Numpy.
ArcGIS Data Formats – Feature Classes, Feature Datasets, File Geodatabase, Enterprise Geodatabase, Vector/Raster.
Experience with Enterprise Geodatabases (ArcSDE)
RDBMS Experience – PostgreSQL, Sqlite3, MongoDB
Experience with data management via scripted workflows (Python-Pandas emphasized)
ArcGIS Server REST API, Portal for ArcGIS
ArcGIS Front-End Data Formats – Feature Services, Map Services,

Please visit our careers site to view complete description and to apply. Please follow this link to be automatically directed: https://www.capitalonecareers.com/job/mclean/gis-developer-back-end/1732/3973977