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Organization: Colaberry Data Analytics
Title: Geospatial Developer
Location: St. Louis
Application Deadline:
Posted: 2017-06-07

Position Description:

Reaching out to all the GJC members with a very interesting potential here. Really looking forward to gaining your insight on what I've posed below. Sound good? Thanks for checking this out. I'm currently putting together a "SWAT Style" team to spearhead an interesting project involving GeoServer, QGIS, and Python.

Essentially, where high-resolution Geospatial imagery is inaccessible and thick as molasses, I'm looking for developers/engineers who can make it flow like water. Designing and building processing pipelines at scale for UAV and other Geospatial imagery sources with the goal of making this data accessible through various APIs. This team will work with data engineers and scientists to make these big data solutions come to life. Additionally, working with teams to build new tools for crop monitoring that will improve precision agriculture, optimize our food supply, and thus decrease our collective strain on the environment.

As a team of Geospatial Engineer(s) you will help transform multi-petabyte repositories of data into useful insights for their R&D, Supply Chain, and Commercial teams. This is a great opportunity to help an established global company improve lives around the world yet still enjoy the culture and vibe of a small company.

I don't presume that any of the GJC members/engineers aren't finding such meaning in their work. I do know this opportunity is unique & would excite most Geospatial engineers who are passionate about their craft. I appreciate you reading this post & look forward to hearing from you soon.

This Geospatial Team will be responsible for:
* Developing customer-centric web clients presenting global data in a spatial, compelling, and interactive way.

* Developing APIs for geospatial analysis and presentation

* Utilizing geospatial services to answer specific business questions such as spatial interactions, nearest neighbor, straight line and routed distance, and geofencing

* Documenting how-to guides and working with development teams for optimum population of geospatial transactional information and usage of spatial repositories

Brief Skills Overview:
* Extensive experience developing with JavaScript client libraries for interactive web based geospatial content

* Experience writing Python functions utilized in ArcGIS desktop, Boundless GeoServer, or QGIS

* Experience in using Geo Server enabled services via JS libraries: ESRI Maps, Google Maps, OpenLayers

***Simply send an email to tommy@colaberry.com to get the conversation started***

With Enthusiasm I Remain,


Tommy Haugh
Delivery Manager | Colaberry