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Position Detail

Organization: Planet Forward
Title: GIS Technical Specialist (Entry Level)
Location: Moorestown, NJ USA
Application Deadline:
Posted: 2017-08-16

Position Description:

Perform assignments on work related to recording or producing information associated with the construction, operation, and maintenance of Utility Systems as qualified through formalized and/or on the job training.

Maintain the GIS connected model with information from sources including, but not limited to, work management systems, as-built construction drawings, work orders, completion records, field reports or other information from the job sponsor.
Perform analysis or queries to assemble data and prepare reports, tabulations, charts and maps from asset information contained in the connected model and various other data sources.
Produce standard prints and ad-hoc plots for field requests containing specific information derived from the connected model and various other data sources.
Maintain service point data and the relationship to feeding source transformer.
Track lifespan of utility asset data, including history, inspection and attachments.
Resolve conflicting data, mapping, connectivity, and land issues through office or field investigation.
Perform GIS work pertaining to major projects such as facility relocations, load rearrangement and new business.
Operate automated office equipment including, but no limited to printers, plotters, duplication machines, facsimile and scanners.
File records and data pertaining to the work.
Perform manual or computer aided drafting.
Operate a car or light truck.
Assist other employees in plant work, in the field, or in the office.
Perform other similar skilled work.

Required: 1-2 years of GIS experience (school or work-related).

Qualifications: Must meet the Company's general requirements, and in addition:

Must have the ability to acquire a thorough working knowledge of:
The companys business applications.
Material, equipment, and apparatus used in the work.
The Utilities Transmission and Distribution systems
Various operating and maintenance handbooks and manuals insofar as they pertain to his/her work, including the safety rules and practices set forth therein.
Must be able to work at various locations based on business needs/workload
Must posses and maintain a valid drivers license to operate motor vehicles in the state of New Jersey.
Computer skills in MS Office and other Windows applications

Please send qualified resumes to bgarland@theplanetforward.com