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Position Detail

Organization: Trempealeau County
Title: GIS Specialist/Real Property Lister
Location: Whitehall, WI
Application Deadline:
Posted: 2018-01-29

Position Description:

Purpose of Position
The GIS Specialist/Real Property Lister provides support and expertise to assist in organization, development, and maintenance of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The position also is responsible to maintain accurate legal property descriptions and ownership, assessment and other information for all County real property parcels which are guided by §70.09. The position also assists in the maintenance and compliance of Trempealeau County’s Comprehensive and Subdivision Ordinances. The work is performed under the direction of the Land Records Modernization Coordinator of the Department of Land Management.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The following duties are normal for this position. These are not to be construed as exclusive or all-inclusive. Other duties may be required and assigned.

Assists the Land Records Modernization Coordinator in the following: designing, creating, developing, and maintaining the geographic and land information systems point, arc, and polygon layers including but not limited to PLSS, Parcels, Hydrology, Transportation, Boundaries, Zoning, Address, and associated layers through the use of digitization, coordinate geometry, aerial photos, scanned documents or other sources. Also maintain quality and accurate relational databases and Geodatabases integrated with parcel maps.

Assist in preparing custom menus, layer structure, and data files for mapping of data. Troubleshoot computer-operating problems. Create document templates.

Acquire and convert data from outside sources such as Federal and State agencies which may require knowledge and understanding of converting maps/data sets from different coordinate systems. Also record, file and index maps, field notes, computations, and other related information into computerized system.

Provide information to county personnel, property owners, government officials, municipalities, real estate agents, financial institutions, and others regarding tax parcel information, county maps, mapping procedures, and computer use. Assist in the search of land boundary information.

Prepare a variety of written materials and correspondence, including metadata, process documentation, and training manuals.

Coordinates real property taxation matters and records between the County and taxing jurisdictions.

Updates taxpayer information from the latest documents recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds.
Updates computer records and values with changes. Prepares assessor work rolls for updating value changes. Prepares assessment rolls and notices of assessment changes.

Runs reports from compiled computer records for the municipalities, county and state use. Assists Trempealeau County Treasurer in preparation of tax work rolls, lists, and tax and personal property bills for municipal clerks/treasurers. Assists municipal clerks/treasurers with property splits.

Provides tax information, parcel numbers, parcel maps, property descriptions, values and other real property listing information to abstractors, real estate brokers, appraisers, utilities, surveyors, attorneys, landowners, local governments, county departments, state government agencies, federal agencies and the general public. Provides land ownership information to prepare plat books. Alerts attorneys and land owners regarding deed irregularities. Assists municipal officials in setting up TIF districts.

Researches records in various public offices. Reads and interprets legal property descriptions.

Prepares parcel maps using computerized mapping software. Records related information into computerized records.

Prepares and gives presentations to Town Association members regarding tax listing.

Establishes and reviews office policies and procedures to ensure compliance with county ordinances, and state and federal laws, rules and regulations.

Maintains knowledge of land recordkeeping methods and tax listing policies, procedures and mandates. Along with knowledge of computer-aided mapping systems, geographical information systems, and land records modernization methods. Attends training meetings, workshops and conferences.

Maintain membership in Wisconsin Real Property Lister Association (WRPLA), Wisconsin Land Information Systems (WLIA), and Trempealeau County’s Land Information Council.

For details and to apply, please visit tremplocounty.com or contact Human Resources at 715-538-2311 ext 224.