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Position Detail

Organization: The Sanborn Map Company, Inc.
Title: Natural Resource Inventory and Monitoring Coordinator
Location: Denver, CO
Application Deadline:
Posted: 2018-04-20

Position Description:

Join Sanborn’s award-winning team! Sanborn is looking for a Natural Resource Inventory and Monitoring Coordinator to work onsite at a federal agency. The Natural Resource Inventory and Monitoring Coordinator position requires specific technical skills and expertise to provide monitoring coordination for the BLM’s Assessment, Inventory, and Monitoring (AIM) approach.

The AIM strategy provides a process to collect quantitative information on location and abundance, condition, and trend of renewable resources on the nation’s public lands. The purpose of AIM is to move toward an integrated data collection approach that includes three components:
1) A standard set of core indicators and associated methods for terrestrial vegetation and soils as well as aquatic systems
2) A statistically valid sampling framework that allows unbiased inference data sets collected in different areas and for different objectives to be aggregated at different scales (unbiased inferences)
3) Integration of remote sensing and ground-based technologies to maximize capacity to cost-effectively address management questions at multiple spatial scales.
AIM also strives to allow management of data as a corporate asset for multiple uses and improve data accessibility for other offices.
This position is located in Denver, Colorado. Travel may be required.

• Bachelor’s degree in a natural resources field such as, but not limited to, ecology, natural resources management, wildlife biology, botany, forestry, fisheries, soils, etc. from an accredited university.
• Four (4) years or more experience implementing field-based natural resources monitoring programs.
• A Master’s Degree or PhD in Natural Resources, Natural Sciences, Landscape Architecture or related field is preferred.

•Demonstrate professional experience of greater than 4 years implementing field-based natural resources monitoring programs.
•Demonstrate ability to coordinate the surveying, assessing, monitoring, analyzing, and evaluating natural resources to permit multiple uses while preserving the areas’ ecological viability.
•Demonstrate ability to manage complex projects, including project management skills, skills in sequencing tasks, skill in organizing and facilitating manager and technical work groups, stakeholders, contract/agreement management, and budgeting.
•Demonstrate ability to lead and work efficiently in interdisciplinary teams, to facilitate integration of cross functional services and products, and to identify, create and maintain productive internal and external collaborative partnerships.
•Demonstrate ability to communicate technical information effectively to lay persons and resource specialists alike.
•Demonstrate experience in developing written technical documentation (such as reports, training materials, white papers, etc.).
•Demonstrate experience with multiple-use land management. Preference will be shown to candidates who can do this.

•Lead, plan, coordinate and implement the Assessment, Inventory, and Monitoring (AIM) program within the Bureaus Branch of Assessment and Monitoring.
•Develop and coordinate annual AIM implementation, including coordination of field logistics among state AIM coordinators to insure each office has support to complete the field season.
Serve as the lead point of contact for state offices implementing AIM to ensure the program addresses needs consistent with national priorities
•Work with state offices to ensure that sample design is followed to achieve statistical validity, identifies localized/intensive sample designs for project level AIM implementation to achieve multi-scale goals and reporting needs.
•Assist with report/product production and serves to support the national terrestrial and aquatic ecologist within AIM.
•Ensure that monitoring products and results are synthesized in a form and format whose scope and meaning are larger than the sum of the individual parts for the management and interface of science with development of policy option. These products must have the ability and will be used and transferred to mangers and policy makers.
•Support state offices in attainment of agreements, equipment, personnel, as well as ensuring training is successfully completed. When possible assist in creating relationships with partners to better leverage sharing data.
•Provide trainings and/or presentations of sites during development for user review and feedback as well as training on use of final products.
•Attend meetings which pertain to the supported program/projects listed above (i.e., AIM, etc.).

The following forms and inquiries, or their equivalent, will be used to initiate the credentialing process:
•OPM Standard Form 85 or 85P
•National Criminal History Check (NCHC)
•Release to Obtain Credit Information
•PIV card application

If selected to fill the position, a candidate would be required to pass a drug screen and satisfy the requirements of a National Criminal History Check (NCHC) to verify the identity of the individual applying for clearance and to determine the individual’s suitability for the position.

Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or possess a current work visa.

Sanborn offers a comprehensive health and wellness program which includes medical, dental, vision, 401k, holiday, PTO, EAP, disability and life insurance benefits.

TO APPLY: Visit our website: www.Sanborn.com to apply for this position. Sanborn is an Equal Opportunity Employer.