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Position Detail

Organization: Itasca Denver, Inc.
Title: GIS Analyst
Location: Lakewood, CO USA
Application Deadline:
Posted: 2018-05-01

Position Description:

Itasca Denver, Inc., a consulting company based in Lakewood, Colorado, is seeking an experienced GIS Analyst for a permanent, part-time or full-time position with full benefits.

Job Responsibilities include, but are not limited to,
*Create maps to display hydrologic and geologic information in support of complex scientific and engineering reports.

*GIS layer maintenance. Update and maintain mapping layers; verify digitized data for accuracy. Interpret detailed plans, photographs, and maps to update GIS layers, GIS data, and map products.

*Digitize and geo-reference data to aid in the location, placement, and creation of features.

*Create and edit features and the associated attributes.

*Provide quality control by ensuring data is filed in the proper location.

*Duties also include troubleshooting software issues, assisting in the creation of efficient workflows, bringing efficiencies to less efficient existing workflows, as well as maintaining a working knowledge of the latest GIS trends, workflows, and software through research and education.

Required Qualifications for this position are:
*Associates degree in Geographic Information Systems or equivalent
*Must be proficient working with ESRI Suite (including ArcGIS Desktop and ArcMap)
*Understanding of coordinate systems and conversions
*Demonstrate organizational and time management skills
*Demonstrate ability to work efficiently, independently, and cooperatively in a team environment
*Possess excellent problem-solving skills

Preferred Qualifications are:
*Experienced working with SQL databases, including writing SQL (PostgreSQL™, MYSQL™, Access™)
*Experienced scripting in Python
*Ability to work efficiently with 2-D and 3-D meshes/grids
*Expertise with interpolation techniques
*Knowledge of environmental/geological data
*Experienced in AutoCad

Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or have permanent residence status. Qualified and interested applicants should submit a cover letter and resume to Careers@itascadenver.com.