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Organization: York County Government
Title: GIS Programmer
Location: York, SC

Posted: 2018-10-18
Application Deadline:

Position Description:

To apply:

Location: Agricultural Building, York, SC 29745
Department: Information Technology
Job Status: Full-Time
Details: This position is a grade 26 earning an annual salary of $61,855.51.

Summary: The purpose of this position is to create and maintain IT products for the GIS workgroup and the clients/departments it supports. This position assists IT staff when developing and managing databases related to spatial data, and directly uses GIS technology and supports its use by others. Oversees the technical aspects of larger GIS projects throughout the County. Serves as webmaster for online GIS services. Reports to the GIS Manager.

Completion of Bachelor's degree and or equivalent combination of education and experience. 4 years of GIS experience required.

Must possess GISP, 1 ESRI Certification. Must possess a valid State driverís license. Multiple ESRI Certifications Preferred.

The tasks listed below represent the majority of the time spent working in this class. Management may assign additional tasks related to the type of work of the class as necessary.

Creates and manages online tools using spatial data; designs and implements spatial databases in SQL.

Constructs and maintains complex GIS software solutions.

Designs and builds webpages offering spatial data functions to internal and external users; troubleshoots and maintains custom software and webpages.

Manages IT infrastructure serving the GIS workgroup.

Participates with other GIS staff to complete complex IT-based projects.

Performs as webmaster for GIS-related pages on the countyís website.

Serves as database administrator for spatial data.

Creates new desktop and online GIS software tools for use by GIS staff. Interfaces GIS and other software to construct complex applications.

Manages the IT infrastructure in the GIS workgroup.

Controls user access privileges for GIS software and related relational databases.

Works with other GIS staff to define requirements for GIS software and create a flowchart of applications and databases to meet those requirements.

Develops and/or modifies GIS software and related data exchange mechanisms.

Management of online platform solutions (ArcGIS Online, Geocortex Essentials, etc.). Administration, maintenance, and setup of servers including SQL and IIS servers. Software (desktop, online, and mobile) deployment, management, and administration. Development of various applications using Visual Studio and other IDEís. Administration, maintenance, creation of SQL databases/tables/data. Create and maintain documentation for various applications/products. Meets with customers to define data needs and business/functional requirements in order to ensure work products meet business needs at the customer, community, service area, regional or County-wide level; develops clearly articulated business and functional requirements and creates design for GIS technology solutions. Meets with departmental staff to identify and analyze user requirements for GIS applications; works with internal customers and central agency staff in the planning, design, development, testing and implementation of large-scale GIS applications and web portals. Coordinates the production and distribution of GIS products; creates geocoding services; monitors geo-processing steps and performs quality control checks on results; creates highly customized maps and other products. Develops and implements complex queries to filter data and simple scripts to automate standard tasks that may be used by GIS Technicians and Analysts. Uses software and tools to integrate multiple specialized databases and layers from a variety of sources, including aerial photography, for analytical purposes. Creates customized tools and menus for new and existing applications; develops logic and writes programs, using applicable development tools and programming languages. Reviews data requirements and develops and maintains appropriate data sets for purpose of analysis; maintains quality control on large scale data sets; loads and updates data in GIS data repositories. Researches and validates the accuracy of data; coordinates the resolution of database problems with others; works with other agencies to import/export multiple data layers using sound change control procedures. May serve as the departmental business analyst/project leader for application development projects; may independently maintain and/or develop GIS applications of moderate size and complexity; manages simple project timelines and reports status of tasks to supervisors to ensure task completion within established timeframes. Assists in preparing requests for proposals, bids, contracts and service agreements for GIS software, equipment and consulting services. Operates, maintains, troubleshoots, and supports specialized GIS equipment such as large format printers and scanners. Develops map services and performs site configurations for departmental users. Performs database and systems administration functions; establishes security protocols and privileges; monitors and tunes database performance; establishes and maintains database backup and recovery processes; monitors server performance and utilization; installs or oversees the installation of software patches and updates; performs software license management functions. Participates in research and evaluation of new and emerging GIS and data management technologies to evaluate their potential and compatibility with County GIS needs and technology environment; analyzes and evaluates technology solutions to ensure their consistency and integration with County technology standards; participates in developing enterprise GIS policies, standards and procedures. Develops specifications; defines data requirements, data sources and design logic; leads and participates in research and evaluation of alternative methods and approaches. Recommends appropriate solutions and implementation strategies based on needs, requirements and resources and ensures consideration of best practices in the development of conceptual proposals for technology solutions. Working with project/team members, designs, develops, configures, tests, implements, and maintains large-scale GIS applications and web portals, backend processing modules and associated data layers and databases. Using standard project management methodologies, tools and techniques, provides project and technical leadership in: defining project objectives, scope of work, budget/cost breakdowns, schedules and critical path/project milestones; estimates team resource requirements; assigns, monitors and manages the completion of project tasks to meet time, quality and cost expectations. Manages project change control processes; reviews project deliverables and ensures sound quality assurance processes are followed. Meets with internal and external customers to communicate project status and to resolve development/implementation problems and bottlenecks; facilitates and participates in the resolution of complex technical issues; prepares reports on project progress, identified technical problems or budget/cost change issues. Analyzes, develops, implements and maintains processes for enhancing the utilization of GIS technologies and solutions to support department/County business requirements and GIS initiatives.

Extensive knowledge of the principles of information technology. Working knowledge of GIS software functionality and construction. Extensive skill in the use of online and desktop application programming languages and methods. Ability to develop and maintain online spatial data tools for GIS and non-GIS users. Knowledge of relational database management systems and the ability to use the SQL language. Skill in using Visual Studio (and other IDEís) to create new GIS applications. Knowledge of general IT functions, such as network construction and database management. Ability to use agile programming methods to develop new applications. Knowledge of the principles and practices of website development. Ability to diagnose and repair problems with the currently deployed versions of the Windows operating system. Skill in building and operating IIS web server software installations. Skill in the use of GIS software, particularly ArcGIS. Skill in spoken and written communications. Skill in the use of data transformation software.

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