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Organization: Southern California Edison
Title: GIS Tech Spec Assoc (Contingent Worker)
Location: Pomona, CA USA

Posted: 2019-05-14
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Position Description:

Position overview
The GIS Tech Spec Assoc (Contingent Worker) works in the cGIS Quality Control group within Real Properties to perform quality control analysis using an AutoCAD Map3d interface to analyze spatial database updates performed by an outside vendor. Technicians provide recommendations for work process and quality improvement in reference to specification documents and source data obtained from groups within Edison. cGIS QC Specialists will work with SCE personnel to assess project requirements and to create data for reporting.

1. Work with clients to assess project requirements; analytical and cartographic map analysis utilizing AutoCAD Map3d.
2. This position will work with client organizations, groups, and teams to support the review of maps, data input, analysis and data placement as assigned by management.
3. Supporting technical recommendations regarding best mapping practices and possible process improvements for data input and adjustment.

1. Typically possess one or more years’ experience with Map3d 2012 or higher,
2. Experience with AutoCAD methodologies, Geographic Information Systems & ESRI ArcGIS software applications.
3. Experience with Microsoft Office applications i.e. Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint etc..
4. Attention to detail, customer focus, teamwork, conflict resolution, and interpersonal skills.
5. Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
6. Experience with reading and understanding cartographic standards.
7. Understanding of basic GIS concepts such as drawing scale, data integration, spatial database, text vs labels vs annotation, Layer control etc..
8. Demonstrated experience working in a team environment, reporting to team leads, handling confidential matters. Participate as a team member in project meetings to support project actions related to project planning and coordination, process improvement.

1. Certificate and/or Licenses: Geographic Information Science Certificate or equivalent.
2. Bachelor’s Degree in Geography, Environmental Sciences or equivalent degree.
3. Experience or knowledge with electrical theories.
4. Experience using peripherals such as plotters, scanners, projectors etc.
5. Experience creating databases to create and edit reports, graphs and presentations.

If interested please submit resumes to [email protected]

Thank you.

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