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Organization: Karuk Tribe
Title: GIS/GPS Technician III
Location: Orleans, CA USA

Posted: 2019-07-23
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Position Description:

Title: GIS/GPS Technician III

Reports To: GIS Specialist / Data Steward, or designee

Location: Department of Natural Resources, Somes Bar/Orleans, CA

Supervises: Natural Resources Technician I and II, volunteers and youth as needed

Classification: Full-time, Non-exempt, Regular

Rate: $17.40 to $22.23 per hour, depending on education, experience, qualifications, time served
in an equivalent capacity and funding availability.

Summary: Under the supervision of the GIS Specialist/Data Steward, the GIS Technician will provide
GIS mapping and data management services for DNR programs and Western Klamath
Restoration Partnership (WKRP) organizations in furthering the planning, implementation,
research, and monitoring activities of the Tribe and its partners. This position may serve in
the capacity of Field Crew Supervisor, in the absence of the position as long as supervisory
control and efficiencies in operations can be maintained. Position is dependent on support
funding and will require acquisition of continued, additional and subsequent funding.

1. Shall be responsible for carrying out technical tasks including data acquisition and management
for the Western Klamath Restoration Partnership (WKRP), including the Food Security
Project, the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer and Archeological Technicians, departmental
staff, and external partners.

2. Create maps as directed by GIS Specialist / Data Steward for WKRP workshops and meetings
and other needs.

3. Assist in use and maintenance of large format printer.

4. Follow established protocols in maintaining protected confidential datasets when dealing with
culturally sensitive information and performing regular backups of GIS data and products.

5. Provide independent GIS analyses, expertise, and technical support to tribal employees and
external partners, as set forth in funding agreements. Coordinate support activities with GIS
Specialist/Data Steward.

6. Adhere to GIS division database management protocols and standard procedures. Maintain
regular backups of work projects and data. Provide non-sensitive data in an organized and
useable format to partners as needed.

7. Independently lead and conduct special GIS mapping projects, such as coordinating
prescribed fire training exchange GIS data collection process, record-keeping, and map

8. Collect high-accuracy GPS data as needed using Trimble GPS unit with Terrasync and
Pathfinder Office.

9. Digitize historic maps and imagery using ArcGIS for WKRP and DNR-related projects.
Write metadata for any products created as appropriate.

10. Conduct geospatial analysis and coordinate data and mapping projects with partners for WKRPrelated projects.

11. As needed, assist with management of WKRP documentation including meeting documents,
reports, data, outreach materials, and communication resources.

12. Maintain up to date information and instructions on the establishment and relocation of plot
centers and other field data collection protocols.

13. Prepare and submit summary reports outlining activities undertaken specific to each position
related funding source as requested. Summarize activities and accomplishments in monthly
council report.

14. Assist with forestry field data collection as needed.

15. Shall be available for local and out of the area travel as required for job related training.

16. Shall attend all required meetings, trainings, and functions as requested.

17. Shall be polite and maintain a priority system in accepting other position related job duties
as assigned.

18. Must adhere to the policies and procedures of the Karuk Tribe.

1. Demonstrates the ability to work effectively with Native American people in culturally
diverse environments.

2. Exhibits the ability to manage time well and work under stressful conditions with an even

3. Displays the ability to establish and maintain harmonious working relationships with other
employees and the public.

4. Demonstrates the ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions


1. Experience and/or education:
High school diploma or equivalent and two (2) years of work experience using GIS and
GPS; or
Bachelorís degree in geography, natural resources or related field including coursework in
use of GIS and GPS technology.

2. Ability to work effectively and build partnerships with stakeholders across multiple

3. Possesses strong computer skills with programs such as, but not limited to, databases,
Microsoft Office programs; and possesses extensive knowledge of and experience with

4. Proficient in performing field surveys, reading topographic maps, GPS data collection,
maintaining GIS Data, and carrying out other field mapping and data collection.

5. Demonstrates initiative, good communication skills, and ability to work and solve problems

6. Expresses a curiosity about GIS technology in general and desire to learn new things and
improve technical skills.

7. Good writing skills for preparation of datasheet interpretation/corrective documents and
summary reports.

8. Demonstrates the ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.

9. Must be responsible for using safe work practices, for following directives, guidelines and
procedures and for assisting and maintaining a safe and secure work environment.

10. Knowledge of the traditions, culture or history of the Tribes of Northwestern California.

11. Demonstrated ability to work within Native American communities.

12. Ability to use Microsoft Office Suite programs, ArcGIS, Google Earth, as well as
other computer programs that help result in efficient planning.

13. Willingness to cross-train with other divisions of the Eco-Cultural Revitalization
Branch in the event of a shift in funding agency/project preferred.

14. Must adhere to confidentiality and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

15. Must successfully pass a pre-employment drug screening test and be willing to submit to
a criminal background check.

16. Must attend specified training and class requirements for Incident Command System
(ICS) set forth in Attachment H of the Personnel Policy.

17. Must adhere to the policies and procedures of the Karuk Tribe.

18. Must possess valid driverís license, good driving record, and be insurable by the Tribeís
insurance carrier.

Tribal Preference Policy: In accordance with the TERO Ordinance 93-0-01, Tribal preference will be
observed in hiring.

Veteranís Preference: It shall be the policy of the Karuk Tribe to provide preference in hiring to
qualified applicants claiming Veteranís Preference who have been discharged from the United States
Armed Forces with honorable and under honorable conditions.

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