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Organization: State of California
Title: GIS Forestry Manager
Location: Santa Rosa, CA

Posted: 2019-12-14
Application Deadline: 2020-01-21

Position Description:

Please apply at listed as "Research Data Manager" CAL FIRE For questions related to the duties of the position contact Research Data Manager, Suzanne Lang by phone at (707) 576-2955 or by email at [email protected]

Under the general supervision of the Assistant Deputy Director of Forest Practice, the Forest Practice Information Systems Manager has charge of and is responsible for the development, administration, and Implementation of Forest Practice Information Resources, including the statewide Forest Practice Geographic Information System (GIS)-managing and coordinating supporting staff and the delivery of analytical reports and products, and coordinating with other system managers including those responsible for managing information under CalTREES, the Fire and Resource Assessment Program, and the Department's and other agencies' Information Technology Systems (ITS) Programs, to support the Forest
Practice Program, development and assessment of ecological performance measures, and enforcement of
the Z'berg-Nejedly Forest Practice Act.

"Plans, organizes, and manages projects (e.g., Watershed Pilot Program), personnel and consultants in the development and implementation of systems and procedures For databases in service of statewide Resource Management programs effecting forests and fuels on state and private lands. Manages statewide Forest Practice GIS program and support staff; is responsible for data coordination with CalTREES; collaborates with CAL FIRE's ITS in the maintenance, operations, and evolution of enterprise systems. Serves as CAL FIRE's primary contact for interagency data coordination, information resource development, and annual reporting requirements in fulfillment of AB1492 (PRC 4629) "Establishes goals and priorities for the Forest Practice GIS, Including: development of standards, methodologies of spatial data capture, and database and cartographic design. "Hires, trains, and supervises personnel for implementing data capture, analysis, map production, and web development. Consults with Sacramento and field staff, evaluates data product needs, and coordinates with Resource Managers and Pre-Fire Planners regarding database and product development in relation to implementation of new rules and regulations affecting their programs.

"Develops program budget needs, seeks internal and external funding for program support and implementation, and prepares administrative reports on matters related to data representing Forest 'Practice and regulated Resource Management activities. "Manages contracts to support software, database, and product development. 'Represents policy issues as they relate to data and mapping to the public, professional organizations, other agencies, and the timber industry. "Participation meetings and technical conferences related to forestry, relational database management ' (RDBM),and GIS. "Advises the Board of Forestry and CAL FIRE management regarding Resource Management issues as they relate to cartographic representation, data collection, processing, analysis, and dissemination. ,

'Serve as primary point of contact and collaborator with other agencies, and with intra-departmental and interdisciplinary teams on cooperative projects involving data development and internet map services. I "Initiate and document procedures for building a resource based information in cooperation with contractors other Department programs, and other state agencies & boards including the Department of Fish and Wildlife, the California Geological Survey, and the State Water Quality Control Board. Working with departmental staff and staff from other agencies, will perform in a lead capacity on complex research projects involving spatial analysis for the AB 1492 program, designing and testing complex spatial databases that provide for data analysis and reporting for other AB 1492 program GIS work.

Provide technical oversight of computer systems used in Forest Practice Information collection and GIS development, including service and maintenance contracts, equipment procurement, and software purchasing. Perform other duties and special projects as assigned.

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