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Organization: Courtney Aviation
Title: Geographic Information System (GIS) /Infrared Fire System Operator/Mapper
Location: Columbia, CA USA

Posted: 2021-08-09
Application Deadline:

Position Description:

Geographic Information System (GIS) /Infrared Fire System Operator/Mapper

Compensation: Based on skill aptitude and experience

Courtney Aviation Inc., a wildland aerial firefighting operation located in Columbia California, is currently seeking Systems Operator, Fire Mapper and Infrared Interpreter (IRIN) as a team member supporting wildfire mapping, recon and Air Attack operations. The job primarily involves day and night flights capturing imagery, mapping wildfires and delivering NIROPS (National Infrared Operations) products. Additionally, camera, computing, data radio and networking setup and systems support will be needed as these systems are learned.
Desirable Qualifications:
* Demonstrable, previous experience with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), particularly ESRI-ArcGIS-Pro.
* Knowledge of cameras/photography, data radios, networking, and software skills.
* Mechanical, electrical wiring, organizational and social skills are desired.
* Experience with general aviation desired. Pilot license or desire for one is helpful.
* Troubleshooting and problem solving.
Job Requirements:
* Fly fires, capture imagery, make maps, daily documents (flight/mission log, IRIN report, etc.) and deliver to the end customer as real time as possible. Day or night.
* Build up systems, test them, fabricate needed components, document, and troubleshoot.
* Work until the job is done in an emergency environment.
*Communicate well with coworkers, pilots, managers, on the radio and directly to ground firefighters.
* Become an expert and knowledgeable to improves systems and document processes.
* Rotate supervisory role with co-workers to oversee accurate delivery of products.
* Must be able and willing to travel (during fire season we may work out of state for
weeks consecutively).
* Be cognitively safe during operations, especially around aircraft and fire bases.
*Organize equipment for downlink operations.
* Data and working file organization.
* Fluent in speaking and reading English language, and accurate keyboard skills.
* Versatile and capable of operating a wide variety of computers, software, and network
* Experience and ability to read, interpret and follow technical documentation, wiring diagrams, layout drawings, and parts lists.
* Must possess excellent oral and written skills, as well as strong analytical abilities.
* Excellent concentration and attention to detail with good work efficiency and accuracy.
* Ability to think creatively, while following documentation and maintaining prescribed
quality standards.
* Ability to work both in a small team environment and also unsupervised.
* Ability to meet deadlines and adapt to constantly changing work assignments.
* Willingness to work overtime when required.
* Ability to work under stressful deadlines and in bumpy air.

Physical Capability and Expected Effort:
* Must be able to lift and carry up to 60 pounds.
* Standing and sitting for long periods of time, working in confined aircraft interiors, bending, grasping, sitting, pulling, pushing, stooping, and stretching are generally required to perform the functions of this position, so capability of ease in accomplishing is a must.
* Must have 20/20 or better near and far visual acuity naturally or with corrective lenses.

Other Requirements:
* Must possess a currently valid driverís license
* Must be legally authorized to work in the USA.
* Must accept detailed background check including vehicle driving history
* Must be willing and able to work in remote locations for 1-2 weeks a time through December
* Must have the ability to travel independently to and from the workplace.
To apply please send resume to [email protected]

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