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Organization: Fibersmith
Title: GIS System Administrator
Location: Columbia, MO

Posted: 2022-04-27
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Position Description:

The GIS system administrator will maintain Fibersmith’s GIS systems, software, hardware, peripherals, and associated components. He or she must be familiar with GIS operations, how they differ from other IT systems, and how differences affect system usage and administration. Due to the interdependencies between GIS and non-GIS computer hardware systems, coordination with administrators of non-GIS systems is critical.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Facilitate the preparation of maps, reports, and other relevant information by GIS Analysts, Designers and other stakeholders, both inside and outside the organization.
Function as GIS System Administrator for all GIS related processes, systems, and projects.
Design, develop and manage the logical, detailed database design and maintenance of standards related to data entry and update to ensure quality assurance.
Facilitate and oversee data automation.
Implement data standards for GIS software systems applications.
Manage the of GIS-based Network Management tools for the operation, and maintenance of FTTx and other telecommunication network components.
Provide training on the use of GIS related software, applications and documents as required.
Maintain a current knowledge of trends and developments in the geographic information systems field for application to responsibilities under charge.
Adhere to clients’ policies, including but not limited to IT Security and GDPR Policies.
And anything else that might reasonably be required of you to support the GIS/ Design team in meeting their objectives.


Expertise in ESRI ArcGIS suite of products inclusive of ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Server Enterprise, and Portal management
Expertise in distributed system and database management
Working knowledge of SQL, Python, Arcade
Working knowledge of spatial database design, topology and structure
Ability to apply principles of analytical problem solving and GIS industry standards to a wide range of practical problems as they relate to GIS
The ability to work with data in multiple formats, coordinate systems, and datum
Working knowledge of the interoperability of GIS with various documents, spreadsheets, databases, and image formats


A first degree or equivalent combination of certificate and experience in any of the following subject areas:

Geographic Information Systems
Information System Management
Geography, Computer Science or Engineering
Minimum 2 years’ experience in GIS

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