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Organization: Geosite
Title: Senior Software Engineer, GIS experience highly preferred
Location: Remote / USA only

Posted: 2023-02-14
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Geosite - Senior Software Engineer application - GIS experience highly preferred

At Geosite, our engineers work on some of the most innovative applications of geospatial data in the industry. Our senior engineers combine a mastery of front-end or back-end engineering (sometimes both) with a curiosity to solve problems and a seasoned toolkit for doing so. The senior engineering team is responsible for creative technical implementation; you must have the desire to push the product to its current boundaries and beyond and think outside the box to deliver technical solutions. The importance of this role in the company as we grow cannot be overstated.

We're looking for a Senior Software Engineer with exceptional communication skills and a desire to be a quality mentor. You'll also need solid technical skills.

You'd be a great add if you:
- Have worked closely with geospatial libraries and tools such as OpenLayers, TiTiler, pg_tileserv and featureserv, PostGIS and others.
- Are an expert in Python or React & Typescript - perhaps all of them!
- Have a strong understanding of software architecture fundamentals.
- Are proficient writing unit & integration tests.
- Understand and have worked in the Agile software development lifecycle.
- Are independent, both in the way you solve problems and how you manage your time. A small, fully remote team means that it is extra important that you're a self-starter.
- Are an excellent communicator that enjoys working with others.
- Care about your professional development as well as contributing to the development of others.
- Are known for helping others become the best versions of themselves.

Job Requirements:
- Professional experience in geospatial software development
- BS or above in computer science, information technology, engineering or equivalent experience
- 5+ years demonstrating expertise utilizing either Python or Javascript
- A strong portfolio that demonstrates software engineering expertise

Job Responsibilities:
- Excel as an individual contributor - writing clean, tested, maintainable, and well documented code
- Mentor the less experienced engineers on the team - reviewing their code & helping them master their discipline as. you have
- Stay on top of geospatial technology trends and help the team assess how Geosite can best get ahead of them
- Contribute towards architecture decisions
- Communicate the technical feasibility, level of effort required, and best practices developed when the team scopes new features

Desired Skills:
- The more experience with geospatial data the better
- Demonstrated experience working with data visualization libraries
- Prior familiarity with building enterprise SaaS products
- A willingness to share knowledge with junior engineers by teaching them how to think about system life cycles, edge cases, and failure models specifically

Compensation & Benefits:
- $140,000 - $180,000 salary
- 0.28% equity
- Health, vision and dental insurance
- Life insurance
- 401(k)
- Flexible work hours and PTO
- Company supplied Macbook laptop & peripherals if necessary

About Geosite
Founded in 2018 by forward-thinking engineers passionate about creating the future of data optimization in the geospatial industry. A truly incredible amount of data is collected from drones, planes, satellites, and even stratospheric balloons alongside novel processes using ML and other modeling approaches which is giving a clearer view of the world. We exist to give the world clarity and resilience by leveraging this spatial data. From providing the software for search and rescue across the US - a mission that saved 370 lives last year - to providing insurance companies with the data they need to help people get on their feet faster after a disaster, Geosite is the platform which will make spatial data accessible for every industry.

We’re a small, intellectually and mission driven team, and we’re looking for the next wave of curious, collaborative, and innovative minds to propel our shared vision forward. We value inclusivity and have benefitted from contributions from team members of various backgrounds at all levels. To continue to scale we know that focusing on the development of each member of our team will allow both the individuals involved and the collective reach the highest levels of potential possible.

Geosite Inc. is firmly committed to equity, inclusion, and diversity at all job levels. Our underlying culture was built on the foundation of focusing on providing a safe work environment for people of all backgrounds. We highly value the mental, physical, and emotional health of our employees and continuously strive to improve the employee experience. Geosite is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of creed, race, sexual orientation, gender, age, disability status or any other defining characteristic.

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