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Organization: Terraphase Engineering
Title: GIS Tech/Intern
Location: Sacramento, CA (In-Person)

Posted: 2023-03-07
Application Deadline:

Position Description:

Key responsibilities for the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technician position include:
• Utilize Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and associated ESRI ArcGIS software to produce, display, and analyze spatial data;
• Create, organize, manipulate, and generate GIS data for reporting, analysis, presentations, and data visualization purposes; and
• Assist with the development and maintenance of environmental relational databases applications using desktop (MS Access) and enterprise (MS SQL Server) database software to compile, verify, analyze, and report large and diverse datasets.
• Accredited university GIS degree or GIS certificate and its associated software, analysis, reporting, cartography, data management, and visualization.
• Proficiency in ESRI ArcGIS; experience with geodatabase structures and geoprocessing concepts.
• Proficiency in cartographic techniques and best practices.
• Exceptional attention to detail and strong organizational skills; understanding of data quality control concepts
• Solid general technical / analytical capabilities, including the ability to learn new software quickly.
• Ability to work both independently and in a team environment to perform problem-solving and develop innovative database solutions to meet project needs.
• Strong time management skills and schedule flexibility to accommodate project deadlines and deliverables.
• Ability to prioritize work and respond to overlapping project needs.
• Proficiency in MS Excel, including the ability to write complex formulas and visualize data effectively. (preferred)
• Proficiency in MS Access, including the ability to write complex queries and automate routine processes. (preferred)
• Proficiency in open source GIS software (e.g. Google Earth, QGIS). (preferred)
• Proficiency three-dimensional modeling and visualization. (preferred)
• Working knowledge of computer-aided design and drafting (CADD). (preferred)
• Working knowledge of programming languages such as Python and VBA. (preferred)
• Familiarity with environmental data and knowledge of basic statistics. (preferred)

Interested candidates can reach out to Bryan O’Reilly with the contact information below.

Bryan O’Reilly – Project GIS/Data Services Scientist
Phone: 916.594.8499 ext. 105 | Cell: 530.906.9429
[email protected] |

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